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Samsung AnyNET and Onkyo Not Working

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I'm trying to get the HDMI-CEC to work on my Samsung UN55B7100 LCD TV and my Onkyo NR5007 receiver. I've turned the HDMI-CEC on in the receiver and the AnyNet+ on the TV. When I "discover devices", it finds a "Receiver" in the discovery phase, but does not populate it in the found devices.

Does anybody have any suggestions or ideas on how to get this thing to work?

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I have teh Onkoy 608B (2010 model) with HDMI 1.4a/3D.

The Anynet works fine wtih my Samsung PN58C7000. Volume control is fine.

Be sure you enable the HDMI funcations you want in the Receiver (volume/on off I presume).

In addition, you made need to start over, delete device, and plug in the HDMI in the HDMI-CEC order suggested.

I struggled until I read the manual and some posts. I think it is TV first -> plug in Onkyo OFF, Onkyo ON wtih HDMI -CEC. Enable Anynet -> SCAN.

I think the 5007 and the 608B should be similiar
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Thanks for the info.

For some strange reason, I enabled the CEC on the receiver again, then went into the TV and enabled it in there. It automatically found the receiver and added it. Strange stuff.

Is there a way to disable the Samsung onscreen menu for the volume control? I have the Onkyo receiver volume pop up at the bottom of the screen, but now it also pops up with...

"TX-NR5007 | "

Thanks for the response and the information.
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Everyday I read, it seems this HDMI thing was made half-baked.

I eagerly await the new Apple TV, I bet they can make something SEAMLESS that works every time.
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I bought appletv a few years ago, but quickly found it wasn't meeting my expectations. I've since moved to XBMC and have been extremely happy with it.

There's lots of positives to HDMI, but I do wish things would work better. But like every new technology, it's deployed first and does not play well with others. Hopefully, over the years, things will be refined and work in harmony...
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1.HDMI ISSUES;working with samsung smart tv (with any net ).
first few days I dint understand how to get it(anynet/ARC) ,worried much that am unable to get sound from receiver for tv apps like netflix and USB movies.
still u have problem mail me
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