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has anyone on here ordered from acessories4less was wondering if anyone had any issues whith any of there recievers where they have had to use any of the extended warrantys they offer. not manufactures warranty i have heard nothing but good things about acessories4less but not much about the extended warrantys they offer. was thinking about going this route to save a little money but i also plan on having the reciever at least a couple years...thanks
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The extended warranty company,they use,gets bad reviews.
I have used square trade and have had good results.
This is no reflection on acessories4less. Their service is top notch.
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No issues with the products, but don't get the warranty they sell. Check with your credit card provider to see if they'll add an additional year to the usual 1 year refurb warranty (Amex will do this), then you'll get a full 2 years and don't have to worry about an additional purchase if you plan on upgrading in that timeframe.
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Just a heads up that MOST of the hardware they sell is refurbished,, not new factory fresh units. Thats why there prices are little lower.. The big problem with this is LUCK..
You could just get an open box (thats good) or you could get a real proven lemon or a factory reject. So I ask you, do you feel luckly... And that also goes for dakcrap and Ecrap...
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If you have a problem they have a 30 day return policy for defective items. I have bought many items without any issues.
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