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Would like to buy an HD beamer.
Mainly for watching 2D BHD movies and gaming.
Budget would be around (or just below) 2633 USD.
Room is not that big (5x8 meters) but can not make it completely dark.

So was wondering about:
- Espon EH-TW6000
- Sony VPL HW20

- optoma HD33

Am wondering how the older Sony VPL HW20 would compete with the new Espon? Guess the SXRD technology should still beat the LCD from Espon
regarding black levels, or did they improve so much already?

Projector also should be not that noisy...and if possible lens shift.
So the Sony would be better on paper.
But how does the PQ compare to these newer models from Epson,....
Any other suggestion would be welcome.

Thanks for the advice.