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I am wanting to do a little bit of automation. What I am looking to do is this:

Right now I have a da-lite contour screen. It currently used a somfy wall switch for up and down. Also have a projector that we just turn on and off with a remote.

I want to have a wall switch that can:

Turn both on
Turn both off
Screen up
Screen down
Projector on
Projector off

I inevitably ended up looking at insteon stuff on smarthome's site. This is what I can gather that I need. Anyone see problems with this? Are there easier or better recommendations?

1 - KeypadLinc - INSTEON 6-Button Scene Control Keypad
2 - I/O Linc (I guess you need two for projector up/down)
1 - Insteon IRLinc

Should that accomplish what I wanted?

Thanks for any advice,