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Best TV for 3D Vision gaming

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Within the next 3 months, I'm going to purchase the best 3D TV I can get for my purposes. The primary purchasing consideration is performance in playing games such as Skyrim and Batman in 3D Vision. I'm open to any brand or size (up to about 74"). I've worked hard to save up for this purchase, so my budget is very flexible. My overriding concern is to get the best 3D Vision performance possible, and after that, regular gaming performance.

My understanding is that there's a current limitation of 720p at 60Hz when running 3D Vision games on 3D TVs. Assuming I got that correct, I'd love to hear from people what their experiences have been. Is it better to have the big screen, or run 1080p on a 27" Asus Lightboost monitor?

Thanks very very much for any guidance and suggestions. I greatly appreciate it.
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I don't use 3D vision, but I have an 82" and a 73" Mitsubishi DLP and I've played 3D games and movies on both and I think they both play great.

I haven't seen any 3D in a household setting aside from my own home experiences though, so my scope of knowledge/opinion is relatively narrow.
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Thanks PJB. Still torn about 27"/1080p vs ~65"/720p...
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720p with a bunch of AA/AF can look very good. Also, it looks like we can do 1080p, but only at 24fps.

Something to absolutely consider is that big 60" 1080p 2D gameplay will be more impressive than 27" 1080p 3D gameplay in almost every case. 3D is cool, but long term it is not worth it to sacrifice the 2D experience in exchange.
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I am also suddenly curious how difficult it would be to get 960x1080 SBS working.
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In my experience, admittedly with an AMD setup and the third-party stereoscopic drivers, 1080p/24Hz results in input feeling too jerky. I'll let go of the right joystick and the camera will continue to move for a split second past that, enough to make it feel like I don't have good enough control. 720p/60Hz worked better.

It's my understanding that this is an HDMI 1.4 limitation though, and that if anyone ever makes DisplayPort 3DTVs, it might not be an issue anymore.
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How far are you planning on sitting from the large 3DTV?

I use a 46" 2010 Sony NX711 viewed from just under 1 meter away. I wouldn't recommend going farther away at that size. Anything bigger i would though, 720p definitely has its limitations. One of the problems is that console ports are coming with post processing types of AA, like FXAA, which blurs the already unsharp 720p. Metro 2033 and Bad COmapany 2 both have "msaa" that blurs the screen, which mean they are not technically standard MSAA, Mass effect doesn't even have AA. Overriding or "enhancing" the game with AA, via the control panel doesn't work with 3DTV Play like it does with 3d Vision and in regular 2D for some reason, which is what you would be using with Nvidia. You can go with Tridef to get SBS, which is a good thing, but they have their problems too. Having both is ideal. Not sure what the options are with ATI, i've only used Nvidia thus far.

I'll get more in detail later if you have any specific questions. RIght now im considering a 27" and moving it up close to me for a wider field of view.
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Is a projector out of the question? Because really, for me, the debate is, do I get a 3D projector, or do I go with a 30 inch 2560 x 1600 display ?
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Tory, thanks for the feedback. Sitting distance is something I'll just feel out based on the size of the screen I end up getting.

Anthony, for logistics reasons I can't consider a projector. But running a 30" display at 2560x1600 is at least a possibility.

So what TV do you guys recommend for the best 2D PC gameplay experience? Can you get 1080p at 120hz when PC gaming, or is HDMI still a bandwidth gate? Thanks again for the input.
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I play on a 3D 720 projector at 150" sometimes. It's a beautiful thing, until you break out in sweats and get sick. Behemoth 3D gaming takes a bit of practice. I also have a passive 24" 3D monitor which is much more forgiving.
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