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Network streaming gameplay?

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Okay, here's what I'm looking to do. I have a beast of a PC in the office that spits out great >1080p60 gaming. I have a Mac Mini that I bought on a whim and am not using. I want to put the Mac Mini in the living room, and use it pretty much as a console to play my Steam library, but I don't want to render on the Mini. I want to render on the PC, and feed that video output to the Mac Mini to feed my theater. I know that I'll be looking at some sort of remote desktop or VNC solution, but my primary concerns are lag, video quality, and cross-platform support.

Does anybody have any ideas and want to point me in the right direction? It just seems silly to me to build yet another PC just to put in the living room. Though I may just end up using the Mini as my daily computer to supplement my iPad 2, and just put the PC in the living room in a new case.

Thanks, all!
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Damn, lot of views.

You know what I'm gonna say already, James. Build a damn proper for your living room and stop making excuses.

But seriously, I think you could do this but I think it all hangs on a thin thread of latency from your home to your office and how well a VNC program will cope with all the bandwidth. I know these days something like this is nearly doable but I have no experience doing something like this, myself.

What kind of resources have you found on this topic? I know with the whole OnLive (or whatever it is called) gaming service that people must be trying this themselves. I've seen a video of someone doing this with Star Wars The Old Republic on a tablet or something.
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All I know so far is what I use at work and what I have played with on my iPad and iPhone. Pretty rad that I can run a game on my PC, stream the video to my iPad 2, and build a gamepad to run it on my iPhone 4's screen. At work we have VNC servers set up on some of our CNC machines, and I use a VNC client on my iPad to monitor their status as I roam around the shop running other machines. It works, but the quality is terrible, mostly due to poor wifi signal within my building. Distance, plus metal walls, plus big power supplies spitting out dreadful EMI destroy the signal there.

Oh, and by "office" I mean my home office. Everything is on the same local network. I wasn't clear there.
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Are you running wired or wireless connection at home for this setup? Wireless wouldn't be ideal as you won't get full duplex connection and there's too many factors that could cause lag. I could see VNC possibly working in a gigabit switch that would run full duplex and wont the have collisions like wireless. I myself am thinking of a solution, so I can play some steam games on my plasma downstairs. I was thinking of running an hdmi cable over cat 5e or 6 to my receiver. Almost all gpu's can do hdmi audio now. But alas i got too many other reno's i should do first lol. DLJ u get ur office painted yet and eyefinity back up?
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It's wireless N currently, with a very stable connection between the two bridging routers. Running CAT6 in the walls is one of the projects on the table and bandwidth problems here would prompt me to get that done sooner, probably.

No, the office still isn't done. Most of the supplies are all sitting here, just waiting to be used. I just have to pick a color and do it. So the PC is still in a temporary state. My house was really well taken care of, but even a house in great condition from 1953 needs a bunch of modern updates I have found. A large amount of the energy efficiency and modern electrical issues have been taken care of since we bought it, now to work on niceties like paint and networking.
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This looks quite interesting and the best of the available options that I have seen so far. Also, OnLive is adding this type of feature to their MicroConsole, which I have one of as well.
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