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Cre x1000-ht

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Hi. Are there any current reviews of this Projector. All the one I've seen are at least 6 months old and don't say a lot. I'd like know if this is a good projector for the money. The stats look great. Thanks
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This thread, http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...307577&page=34 has alot of info if you didn't check it out?

I followed it as I was interested in what the tech could do, but I don't think their quite there yet, least for what I wanted it for.
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Stay clear of this sub par projector!

That thread has a lot of good and indepth information. The compare to the Samsung LCD LED showed how bad it was.

They have not fixed anything yet and only made a few cheaper models.
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I had the CRE x205 and I am happy with it since this is my first projector. CRE X1000-ht had a native resolution of true HD, I think this is a great projector but not for the price range. Maybe I'll go with the new LG PA70G for my next led projector upgrade.
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