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When calibrating dual subs with the Pioneer Elite SC-57, should 0.2 Stereo or 0.2 Dual-Mono be used? In Dual-Mono mode for the Dual Core, the left input is fed to both left and right subwoofer output whereas stereo takes the signal from both inputs. However, even though the SC-57 has a dual sub output, it's just an internal splitter as both output the same signal. So which calibration option is better for this receiver - dual mono or stereo?

In this case, it won't matter much. If you have enough cables, I'd go for the 0.2 stereo and otherwise 0.2DM.
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I note from the DSPeaker website that the Dual Core features "Dual (one per channel) balanced DACs".

The spec also mentions that it uses 2 x VS8053 DSPs.

The VS8053 DSP has an integrated stereo DAC but the audio specs aren't great (see section 4.3 Analog Characteristics in datasheet linked below).

Does anyone know if the Dual Core uses separate 'discrete' DACs or the VS8053's built-in DACs?

VS8053 datasheet
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Answered my own question :-) It uses the 18-bit DAC integrated in the DSP chip. Interesting that the guys at DSPeaker recommended this over a Bryston DAC (earlier post in this thread).
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Who is using Dual core 2.0 with two or more subs and Audyssey XT32 with it?

If so how do you EQ when both are connected.

I have the dual core connected to my Integra pre pro 80.3 from the two subs RCA outs, 1 and 2. I was told to EQ dual core first and save then do XT32, I have tried that combination for days and days and end up with MASSIVE, BLOATED and DISTORTED SOUND both subs set to 75db on the Integra EQ.

The only way I can get beautiful bass from the subs is to remove dual core, EQ Audyssey XT32 then reconnect Dual core after the 80.3 and then run its EQ, the sound is then amazing!

I cant see how you can run both EQs, Dual core and XT32 when the both units are connected, they seem to fight against each other and the bass ends up bloated, loud, massive and distorted....

Can others who are running XT32 with dual core please advise?
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I have the 8033S II. I run Anti-mode first and then Audyssey, XT and get excellent for the room's acoustics, REW readings. I do have to do some tweaking after both are run.

After you run you Dual-Core and XT32, what does your room measuring software tell you? Without room measurements, one has no idea what's what with what. Without measurements, all one knows, is they are use to and like what they hear but they'll have no idea how a room is interacting with their subwoofer system.

Do you have room measuring capability? If so, before running both your Dual-Core and Audyssey XT32, what did you set your subwoofer's gain to?

The reason I ask, much of what we think, is based on biased experience. If my thinking is correct, much of what one thinks is based on a past, poorly set up system. Only with measurements will one be able to graphically see how how their subwoofer system is interacting with their room's acoustics.

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Hi guys. I posted my impressions and graph results here in this thread:


I'm still concerned about the driver on my submersive clipping which it's never done on any movie I've listened too until putting the Antimode into the system. But as mentioned I will perform an advanced calibration which does Time Delay and this time select Mono dual subs rather than Stereo Subs and not set the subs to flat in ARC on the Anthem D2v.
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Fabulous piece of equipment! I've daisy chained it with an Audiolab M-DAC. I know, people will say that the path from my sources (Sonos & CD transport) is too long. I'm here to ell you that daisychaining two DACs has done nothing to deminsh th quality of the sound. Indeed, the MDAC is passing along corrected and jitter free information to thr Anti- Mode! In addition, I can use the MDACs headphone feature, something not available in the Anti -Mode.

In any event, I'm getting into the technical stuff when I wanted to just gush about the Anti-Mode and what it has done for my music. Wow - it really pulled the bass together. Absolutely all around, with every recording, this device has utilized the capacities of my speakers to sharpen the bass so that it appears (most often) to be coming from anywhere but the speakers.

It's a keeper!
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Congrats on your success with Anti-Mode. We're using the 8033S II. Are you using a Dual-Core Anti-Mode?

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Originally Posted by BeeMan458 View Post

Congrats on your success with Anti-Mode. We're using the 8033S II. Are you using a Dual-Core Anti-Mode?


Geez, months later, yes I'm using the Dual-Core Anti-Mode and I still love it!
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The Antimode Dual Core 2.0 is one of the best piece of equipment I invested in. I've used the SMS-1 also. But the ADC2.0 is much easier, more features, and more powerful. I'm using it EQ 4 Cap S2's. I'm gonna add another ADC2.0 when upgrade to JTR LCR's.
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Here's a finished "Typical" calibration for the 4 caps. EQed in stereo mode.
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Here's the house curve I've created using AMD2.0. wink.gif
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I have an opportunity to buy a Dual Core at a reasonable price. Keeping the signal path in my equipment clean, and short is a priority for me, however I have heard nothing but mostly good things about the Dual Core. I do have one concern though. Have any of you experienced a slight flattening of the sound when using the Dual Core? I am concerned about the A/D/A conversion and what effect it will have on the purity of the sound. A couple of others in another forum returned their units because of this. One guy and his wife listened only to classical, and another guy listened mostly to jazz, and acoustic music. They mentioned that although the bass, and mid-bass was improved, the sound slightly suffered in other areas. What are you guys experience on this? Thanks.
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