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I want to be able to plug one of my Macs (2011 MacBook Air or Mini) to an HDMI input and, when playing 3D, have a way to output the 3D indicator over HDMI. This would allow me to have my projector automatically recognize it, and more importantly, would allow a receiver such as the Denon 2312CI to be able to overlay menus on it. Unless the HDMI signal contains the right signal, the Denon will assume 2D (just like my projector does). On my projector I can force the signal to side by side or top to bottom.... but on the receiver it will be impossible.

My only source of 3D play will be my Mac (after ripping on a PC to add to a library). Most content will be SBS as it's easy to produce.

I tried a few players and was also hoping that Bino would be able to output the right frame packed info... but it seems that Bino is limited to what it thinks the display is, and therefore the frames sent over HDMI are too small for the output device to recognize it correctly.

Can this nut be cracked? How?