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New to the soundbar market

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Today is day 1 in my soundbar research. I'm lost. Here is my current set up.

Marantz 8001 receiver
Samsung 55" 6500 LED TV
Direct TV HD DVR
Panasonic BDT210 Blu-Ray
Apple TV (1st generation)
X-Box 360
Klipsch KSP-400 front (the amps to the subwoofers are blown)
Klipsch center and surrounds.

This is all set up in my living room. I do not have a dedicated theater room. The room is about 16 feet deep and I sit about 12 feet from the TV. Measuring from the center of the TV, the right hand wall is about 8 feet away and there is no left hand wall (open floor plan). I have 12 foot ceilings.

I have all of the components connected to the Marantz via HDMI with HDMI out to the TV.

I am so confused as to how these soundbars work. Do I connect my Marantz to the soundbar or does the Marantz go away? If the Marantz does go away, how do I connect all of the components for the best sound?

I have seen some bars for $120 and some for $2k. Not knowing what I am looking at is difficult to determine what I need and how much to spend.

Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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I'll add to your confusion. Why are you considering a soundbar if you only need to replace your front mains? Most of the popularly priced soundbars are amplified meaning you don't need a separate receiver. However, there are some LCR speaker bars that connect to a receiver. They simply house the three front speakers in a single enclosure.

So, are you really wanting to dismantle your surround system or just looking for options before replacing the fronts?
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Some of it is aesthetics. The rear speakers on on pedestals next to the couch along the back wall. We might be getting a new couch that is longer than the back wall so we will have to have the couch a couple of feet in front of the wall creating a walkway behind the couch. The rear speakers will be standing there with no "protection" from a 3 year old and a hyper dog.

Did that make sense?
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I have three-year old hyper cats, so yes it makes sense.

From a connectivity standpoint, you may want to consider soundbars that have 3 or 4 HDMI in ports plus one out (much like your receiver which wouldn't be used anymore). There are threads here on the Sony CT550W and the Yamaha YSP2200. Lately, the new Bose 1SR is getting mostly good reviews although it is at the high end of price range.

Other people may offer additional suggestions, but this gives you some things to look at for starters. Almost all soundbars rely on walls to reflect or bounce sound, so the final proof of what works for you is trying it out in your home.
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So a soundbar can replace the receiver and all 5 speakers? Are there any that can just replace all 5 speakers with a sub?
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OK. After another day of research, It is going to be too expensive to repair the woofers in my Klipsch KSP-400's.

I want to keep my current Marantz receiver that is capable of 7.1 surround sound and pair that up with a 7.1 soundbar. I saw the Atlantic Technologies FS-7.1 on line. Are there any other 7.1 soundbars out there that can be paired with an external receiver?

Thank you
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Just keep in mind that while some soundbars can simulate surround sound, some better than others....I have yet to hear a soundbar that made me think someone/thing was behind me. There are, however, systems that have a soundbars for the LCR and that have rear surround speakers.
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Originally Posted by mshap View Post

Klipsch KSP-400 front (the amps to the subwoofers are blown)

Are the amps doing the hum/buzz thing? If that is the case, I can fix them for you if you are interested. PM me if you please.
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