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It looks as if many International Electronic companies have created their "official" threads, or maybe 'official' gets overused and questions get lost in the fray....
Either way I definitely could use some AV HT help, tips, DIY, etc. And it looks like a lot of other individuals could as well so let's just focus on helping
And try not to boast or put down others for opinions or products owned.

I'll start us all off here with a simple one, Ive been using a Sony STR SE581 for 15 years now, and I'm going to be replacing it soon. Everybody's big on wireless, and HDMI and Networking, Etc. I'm NOT. I want a moderately powerful, more or less up-to-date, receiver BUT I'd like to have a large amount of control of audio settings, distribution, balance, etc.

So, can anyone recommend anything? Thanks.