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6 ohm SX-WND7 full-range speakers

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I have a pair of Aiwa SX-WND7 speakers with built-in woofers. Each speaker has two wires, one for mid-to-high frequencies, and one for low frequencies. Both frequency ranges are rated at 6 ohms. The main unit that came with these speakers finally went out, and I would like to buy a new receiver, but I would like to reuse the speakers for front L and R if possible to save money, since the speakers have great sound and still work fine. I have several questions:

Most receivers seems to be rated at 8 ohms. Can I drive my 6-ohm speakers with an 8-ohm receiver?

Since each speaker has it's own built-in subwoofer, there are essentially two 6-ohm woofers to connect to the system. Can I use a Y-splitter to connect both woofers to the receiver, or will the receiver not be able to handle the load?

I would like to eventually get surround speakers, but I'm not sure when. Can I use a 5.1 receiver with only two speakers in case I decide not to buy surround speakers right away?

I will be using this system mostly for listening to classical music, and some movies. Is it a good idea to get a less expensive center and surround speakers?

Thanks in advance for your advice. I am looking to buy very soon, so I appreciate a quick reply.
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If and when someone answers your question could you pleas notify or tell em tha answer?


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Hi David. Would you be interested in selling those speakers? Even one would do the trick for me. Please repond at your earliest convenience. You can contact me at Amarshall2112@gmail.com.
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