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In-wall speaker upgrade and a few Q's:

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We built our house about 9 yrs ago and had 5.1 installed by the builder's AV source.

As we reqeusted in-wall speakers, they recommended/installed the following:

Front L/R: 2 x Speakercraft MT3's
Center: PSB Alpha C
Rears: 2 x Speakercraft CRS One
We replaced the sub w/ a Velodyn DLS-400R

We've also updated the receiver a couple times and now have an Onkyo TX-SR508, which is rated at just 90 Watts/channel at 8 ohms but does well with our current setup.

We just put up an 80" Sharp LCD and I'd like to upgrade the fronts and maybe center channel to get a little better sound and maybe go in-wall w/ the Center for a cleaner look.

My thought is to continue using the current Rears and PSB sub. I can move the MT3's to the basement and get those installed/reused there.

I'm looking at Speakercraft again as I've really appreciated the sound over the past 9 yrs...no issues.

I'm looking at 2 x AIM Cinema 5's for the Fronts and maybe the AIM LCR 5 for the Center Channel.

I'm concerned about the Cinema 5's being rated at 200 Watts vs. the Onkyo at 80 Watts...will we get good/clean sound out of that combination?

If not then we'd need to upgrade the receiver, then the concern is around pushing past the 100 watt rating of the LCR and/or the CRS One's, which I think both are rated 100 watts.

How concerned should I be about the above issue (80 Watt Onky w/ mixed 100 Watt Center/Sub and 200 Watt Front speakers)?
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the speaker rating is a "maximum" rating for the speakers, not anything related to a minimum. Your receiver will work fine with the new speakers. Rarely, except for some rare instantaneous peak activity, does your receiver put out anywhere near it's maximum output for normal listening levels.
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Thanks, I've been doing some reading up on this and I'm starting to get that.

Seems I should be able to drive 200 Watt Fronts just fine w/ the current Onkyo.

Also, the Onkyo has settings for Small or Large speakers, which is maybe in part designed to adjust/throttle the power going to those speakers appropriately?
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nope, the "small" vs. "large" setting is for choosing the frequency cross-over point. Large speakers usually can handle bass down to 40 Hz, while a "small" speaker (bookshelf, satellite, thin tower) has much smaller drivers for handling bass frequencies and the cross-over would be at 60, 80, or even 100 Hz (small satellites).

Bass frequencies take much more amplifier power to create, so if the speaker cannot handle the lower frequencies, then the cross-over setting will send the frequencies lower than the x-over setting to a powered subwoofer - taking that load off the amplifier so it can handle everything else much more efficiently.
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