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Control 4 vs Savant

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I am building a house and I am looking into home automation. I understand selecting the right person to perform this is very critical and I am in the process of doing that. One installer is proposing the Savant system and another is proposing the Control 4 system. The Control 4 system is less expensive than the Savant and since i am not an expert on this, I need to find out if they are both properly installed, do they perform the same functions and in a similar manner or are they huge differences in performance?

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What functions of home automation are you planning on implementing? Lighting, Thermostat control, distributed audio and/or video. Is on-screen TV GUI important to you? What about iOS device control or remote control.
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All of them. Lighting, Thermostat control, distributed audio and video, surveillance and window shades. How the system will operate is not of great importance to me, but I would like to access it fully from far away.
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Read through this. These guys install this stuff.
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Thank You
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A word of caution: Most of the info in that that is hopelessly outdated.
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Savant (IMO) is a better overall product... But as you know it will cost more. You haven't outlined a budget/what you're looking to install list either which could help people pick a direction.

I am not a control4 fan (sorry) and there are a ton of things that I really like about savant but I think you should start with budget and what you are trying to achieve overall so that people can put some thought into a giving a more descriptive opinion than "I like X better"
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I have budgeted around 100k for this.
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We sell both where I work and I think either one could do the job. I agree that the two systems seem to be pitched to two different types of customers. I like the interface of Savant a little better than C4 but that is just me. I you are a Mac fan you may prefer the Savant system.

The Savant system is very modular and scalable and switches HDMI sources quickly and efficiently. I am not surprised that the C4 bid is less but make sure they are apples to apples comparison. I would expect the Savant to have a higher programming charge than C4 for what it's worth. Doing your research and due diligence (as you are) will yield a fine system. Good luck!
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I am a long time lurker of the forum and usually prefer to hear what people say instead and make conclusions.
But now i wanted to post some of my arguments concerning HDMI distribution.
I am using Just Add Power HDMI/IP 2G devices (currently 4 transmitters and 3 receivers) and plan to expand the system in my future home to 6 transmitters and 12 receivers.
The source switching is instant (if sources have same resolution) and no other system can beat it in scalabilty and even price - I do not know any other system which will alow me to have 12x6 HDMI matrix for same price (each receiver or transmitter costs $599 only).
But these are not even the reasons why i chose this solution - the main argument is modularity!
I can easily afford to have one spare receiver and transmitter and immediately replace it in case of failure.
Not so with some $10K+ HDMI switching system! If it smokes then my whole house distribution will be down and I will need
to wait when the dealer performs warranty replacement. And god save you if your warranty period has expired!
Thus, it is not only least expensive, but also most reliable HDMI switching approach ever.
Hope this helps someone to make his choice.

P.S. I do not work for Just Add Power;) Also I am just DIYer.
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The JAP solution is pretty clever in the way it uses a managed switch to route the video. It is only able to do that though because it precompresses the video. Version 1 had fair bit of artifacts to trained eyes. The second version seems pretty good although I have not spent a lot of time analyzing it. So as long as you are good with that, then it is good option to look at.

The Savant/Crestron switchers are instant but do not use compression. So the fidelity is higher. As is of course the cost.
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JAP 2G does not use any compression and is lossless.
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To be more correct, they use some form of compression, but their codec is.visually lossless. At least they state so and I have not seen any picture degradation either.
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Amir, it's about time for you to take a close look at Gen II, so you can make an informed decision.

I though the Savant solution was just an hdmi matrix switch. I guess that would be lossless. wink.gif

C4 could use an HDMI matrix or the JAP solution.
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1. Here's an blog post we wrote on Control4 vs. Savant. http://www.residentialsystemsinc.com/control4-vs-savant-for-todays-smart-home/

Take a quick read if you want the perspective of one company that is dealers for both.

2. Just Add Power is good stuff and we have been using it quite a bit. It is not "perfect" from a fidelity standpoint but it works a lot better than similarly priced stuff from other manufacturers and is very quick at switching.
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