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JVC DLA X3 - HDMI problem

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I recently bought a JVC DLA X3 but after 30 hours of watching I keep getting a blue screen when I use a HDMI source. It started with flickering, then it ended up with the blue screen. When I plug the cable i get a yellow HDMI written in yellow. I tried it with a short cable, with/without AV receiver but i couldn't get picture. I only get picture when i use component.

I have also upgraded the firmware to 1.5 but it didn't help, I brought it back to the shop where i bought it but they didn't do anything. After 3 weeks i had my PJ back last friday, they said they fixed it but i still have the same problem.

Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be?
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Did they say there was no problem or did they fix something?. Take it back to the shop again and ask them to demonstrate using their source components and cable. If it works OK at the shop at least you will know it's got to be something in your home setup. Check that your resolutions on the components and pj are all set correctly.
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Are both HDMI ports exhibiting the same symptoms? Have you tried doing a factory reset?
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The shop sent my pj to their repair center, so i'm going to call and ask what they fixed exactly. I personally think that they didn't repair anything.

I have done a firmware update twice if i'm not wrong that should have resetted my pj to factory settings.
And i have used different sources from 480p to 1080p
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I don't have my JVC anymore, but if I remember correctly, HDMI displayed in yellow was for port 2, and white was port 1.

Have you tried cabling and selecting both ports? Is it the same blue screen for both?
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Yes i used both ports, yellow hdmi means 'source incompatible' but it used to work so that couldn't be the problem.

If i connect my pj with my AV receiver i don't get sound. When i unplug the HDMI the sound comes back.
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Apologies - I remembered when I switched to HDMI 2 that it was yellow, but I'm guessing now that's just because I had nothing plugged in to HDMI 2.
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What brand/model is your source device?

I've found that the order that you turn everything on also makes a big difference. I always turn the PJ on first and wait until it is completely up and is at the blue screen. Then I turn on my PS3 and/or cablebox.

If I do it that way, I don't have any HDMI problems. However, if I try to do it the other way around, or turn on the source before the PJ is completely started, then I have issues.
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Any updates on this problem.

My JVC 350 seems to be unable to display a picture off my bluray player, nor HD channels from freesat. It can display non HD channels, also my PCH and Dune are unaffected.

I've done a factory reset, even updated to the latest firmware confused.gif
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yeah,i think so, If i connect my pj with my AV receiver i don't get sound. When i unplug the HDMI the sound comes back.thanks 1.gif
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If you're experiencing a loss of sound or picture, try disabling the HDMI CEC, ARC (Audio Return Channel), and Deep Color options in your sources and A/V receiver. You can also try swapping out your HDMI cables with some high-speed cables from Monoprice. Use a minimum cable length of 6 feet. If you have HDCP issues with a Blu-ray source you can try disabling the high rez audio from the player. HDCP problems are more probable if your player is outputting Dolby TrueHD or DTS HD Master audio than when it's outputting Dolby Digital. If you have an Oppo BD player, try using the HDMI 2 output. The HDMI 1 output comes from the Qdeo video processor and seems more prone to HDCP handshake problems. HDCP issues can be hard to nail down, especially if they're intermittant. Good luck!
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