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TV cabinet big enough for large AVR?

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I've been online window shopping for a new TV cabinet upon buying a 60" plasma (going on the wall above the cabinet) and a Pioneer VSX-1121. It seems that 95% of the cabinet shelf dimensions I see are not deep enough to fit the roughly 17.25 deep Pioneer AVR. The other desire, but not a deal breaker, is to find one with a shelf big enough to fit a 24" wide by 10.25" tall center channel speaker. I've found a few of those, but I am okay with putting the center on top of the cabinet if I have to.

I'm not a fan of the open shelf system. I like more of a credenza look, with the glass doors on the front. But, just about every system I see has a cutoff right around 16-17" deep. It seems like only the very expensive or custom cabinets are large enough. I'd like to stay under $500.

I'm sure there are plenty of you who have a large AVR or other equipment to fit on your cabinet. What are you using, and where did you find it? I've looked pretty much through the racksandstands web site and am coming up empty. Ideas, suggestions and/or photos would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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I recently went to the open shelf style cabinet. My center speaker fit nicely between the top shelf and the TV. I like t he extra cooling to the electronics that the open shelves give. Almost all component shelves are spaced too close together for the modern electronics.

I place cooling/airflow requirements above esthetics.
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Modern receivers get hot. Never put them in closed space if you want more than one year of service.
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Let me clarify...

The area where the receiver will go will be open. I like when the rest of the cabinet is closed. I don't mind throwing the DirecTV console and BluRay player in the closed section. I am just more concerned on how to find the deeper cabinets.

An idea of what I mean.

Do you think that putting an AVR in the top or middle sections would not be open enough?
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OP: I've been in this same situation for the past few months. I have a Pioneer SC-35 and it's almost 18 inches deep with the speaker terminals on the back. I've only found a few entertainment stands that are deep enough and they're ugly. I also have a center channel speaker I need to have room for. It usually ends up that I find a stand that will fit the receiver, but not the center channel or vice versa. I've given up over the last month, gonna start hunting again soon.
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i use a salamander synergy rack.... with the extended back cover, just about anything will fit...

you can pretty it up with doors and sides as well...
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