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Waxhaw, NC: Am I getting the best reception I can get?

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Alright folks, I happily cut the cord about 2 years ago and haven't looked back. I'm using a couple of Windows Media Centers and over the air TV with Netflix/Hulu for our viewing needs and have easily saved a few thousand dollars since we made the cut. We've been pretty happy with things, but I'm just wondering if I can something better for my OTA reception to clear up the occasional signal problems we get.

Here's our setup. We have two batches of TV stations we are trying to pick up one group is about 19-20 miles away and is located at around 310 degrees from us while the other batch is 37-39 miles away and around 350 degrees from us.

I've got a Antennas Direct Clearstream 4 mounted in my attic about 20 feet from ground level in next to a windowed dormer pointing to approximately 320 degrees. There not a lot blocking the signal from outside other than a window, and some plywood/ashphalt shingles.

Hooked directly to the antenna I have an 'up to 10db' Radio Shack In Line Amplifier (15-1170) and then about a 75-100 Coax cable run down to the exterior cable box the cable company had originally installed.

In the cable box I'm feeding the Coax into the RF-IN into an 8 Port Viewsonics VSMA-608C Cable Amplifier. Of the 8 ports, two have terminators, five have coax runs going to jacks throughout the house and one is empty. The five coax runs probably go anywhere from 25-125 feet through the house.

So, any suggestions on things I might have setup wrong, or things I can do to possibly get a better signal?

Thanks in advance!
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Until we know where you live we can't tell you anything. Post a TVfool report.
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Here's the TVFool report.
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WIS, WOLO and WTVI are VHF channels. If you're having problems with any of those, it's because your antenna is UHF only. If that's the case, a VHF+UHF antenna might work better.
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Yeah, I'm not too worried about those, mainly the ones that are closer. WSOC, WCCB, WCNC, WBTV and WJZY are the main ones since that's all the main networks. Those mostly come in fine. Sometimes they will get pixelated, especially WCNC.

Mainly just wondering if my setup is right with all the amplifiers, etc.
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Other than terminate that open port and possibly tweaking the antenna aim, I'm not sure what else to try. I'm not familiar with that inline or 8-port amp. Hopefully, someone else will chime in.
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Yeah I'm going to pick up a few 75 ohm terminators and close that last one off. I might try tweaking the direction a bit and go closer to the 310 angle since those are the further stations, but I couldn't imagine 10 degrees making that much of a difference, but you never know.
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While you are playing with it may want to connect a TV directly to the antenna, bypassing both amplifiers. Try to minimize coax length. That will give you a baseline on antenna performance. From that you will be able to determine if the amps are helping or hurting performance.
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Those 2 amplifiers may be interfering with each other and causing a loss of signal. Try removing the Radioshack inline amp and see what happens. And those types of amps from Radioshack are not necessarily the best recommended. You may want to consider a distribution amp from Channel Master or some other brand.
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