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Originally Posted by Archaea View Post

Lest anyone not believe that KC power is as bad as I said. I'm at the church tonight doing some maintenance on the server and pulled up the CyberPower software.

Here is what I see.

In terms of frequency of the bad things happening, Markham (stupidly also dubbed by the mayor as "Silicon Valley North") is as bad. There is not a single install that I do that I don't "force" an automatic voltage regulator for my customers' setup (I only design, installl and calibrate, btw, I only give a shopping list to my client and they can go wherever they want to go to buy the products, I make no comission from any of the equipment sales)
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So my hdp 1800 monster power conditioner keeps shutting everything off and turning it back on every 45-1hr and now the screen display doesn't light up when it's on either. I really don't know much about power conditioners so I'm hoping someone can help me out here. Hoping its not dead. frown.gif it is an old house also.
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Take my experience with a grain of salt: usually power conditioner last only around 5 years, after that they tend to be unpredictable. I've seen this happen maybe about 20 times in the past 10 years or so.
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Remove the monster thing and see if it still happens. If not, that is the fault. If it persists, get an electrician to your house pronto.
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