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Everything officially down as far as framing goes in preparation for the staggered stud wall.

Got down the last of the partition wall that separated the ceiling of the wet bar to the ceiling of the room. Found that the awesome builders never tied down the top most 2x4 to the outer wall, so when I was trying to remove the two lower 2x4s they were just wobbling lal over the place, ceiling moving up and down. Awesome.

Question. Should I stuff the spaces around the shower/tub liners with some kind of insulation to help with soundproofing? Also, is there any benefit from me using just OC703 or does the cost savings out witgh the performance benefit with using batting?

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Drain plumbing for sink roughed in. Pics tomorrow.
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Drain for sink is in, insulation is in for master bath wall cavities.

I've been thinking about my audio "rack" and powering the gear. I have one more available slot in my electrical panel and it has a 20amp breaker in it. I was thinking of replacing it with a 30amp and running 10gauge up to the rack and only having the audio equipment on it.

Do you guys think this is a wise idea and enough for just the audio equipment? I've had all my stuff running on shared 20amp lines except the subs with no problems I'm aware of so thought all the stuff on a 30 amp alone should be fine.

LEt me know thoughts on this.
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Insulation starting to go in, drain for sink in. Hoping to get wire run, rest of insulation, and studs done in the next couple weeks.

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Question regarding HVAC.

I definitely need to install an exhaust fan or two in the room. There are three A/C vents in the ceiling in the room; one in the middle of the projector wall, and one on the left and right middle of the side walls. Should I just leave the vents where they are and put the exhaust fan/fans in the back or should I move the A/C vents all the to the front and put the exhaust fans in the back? ORRRRRRRR should I just leave the A/C vents and tie in the exhaust ducts into the air returns of my hvac? My HVAC is right about the man room so nothing is tough to work on or would be requiring a whole lot. I think the last option is the easiest, just not sure if it hurts anything.

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All speakers finally built, loaded and playing. Now to really focus on this room. biggrin.gif

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Not much has changed in the past four months, but am hoping I can keep the train rolling from this point on. smile.gif

Yesterday ripped some 2x4's for building the staggered wall and game planned my course of action. Hoping today or Wednesday to get them cut and installed and ready for me to run some additional electrical for the wet bar for the countertop and lights.

Pics when work complete!
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Messed with my door tonight and found that it is usable in the same method that jelloslug did in his theater build. Hoping to get it wrapped up Wednesday.

Pics -

Homemade furring strips ready for some staggered studs.

Door work.
Holes drilled in top of door using 1" spade.

Porous fibrous crap. Need to fill this junk......what to use......

Checked the bottom of the door....Some VERY slight gaps here, probably nothing to worry about. Filled it anyway.....with what.....

With this! Stuff expands real well and is real strong. Spent about 5 min making sure it got in there real well.

Checked that there are pathways for the sand to reach the bottom using fish sticks....
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Awww yeahhhhhhh....GG And caulk delivered today......biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
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Out of curiosity, how do you like playing video games on the projector? any issues playing the room lights on? any issues with input lag when playing online? I am going back and forth on moving from my 60" plasma to a projector but I play a lot of games and watch TV, not just movies in my room.

room is looking good by the way!
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Originally Posted by outlanderbz View Post

Out of curiosity, how do you like playing video games on the projector? any issues playing the room lights on? any issues with input lag when playing online? I am going back and forth on moving from my 60" plasma to a projector but I play a lot of games and watch TV, not just movies in my room.

room is looking good by the way!

Love it. I have my projector set up for controlled lighting so it is a rarity that the lights are on when I'm using the projector. if I do have the few lights on that are in there it is still a good picture, but it just isn't setup for that fucntion. Take that for what you will. tongue.gif

I don't notice any of the issues a lot of people talk about, lag, oversize, blah blah. I will say this, I don't find any issues playing MW3 single player online. When my buddy comes over and we play split screen two player it is definitely tougher. He has only played single player on there once or twice and has stated that it is tough for him, but I think part of that is that he plays it "easier" where his tv allows him to "see" more since he is sitting about the same distance away on something 75% smaller, where I find it more real and fun playing it with the projector since I am immersed in the game. I enjoy being immersed and involved in the intensity. Don't know if that makes sense. I have my seating so that a very small eye shift is needed to see what's happening at the edges of the screen. My peripheral sees the edges just fine. I have contemplated going from 110" to 120".

I say if you have any moderate control of the lighting and the space for the screen, go projector. If it needs to be an extremely well lit room, go TV. Find someone with one and try it out, or buy through somewhere that will let you return it within a time period. I was extremely hesitant to pull the trigger on a PJ....... couldn't be happier. smile.gif

Thanks! Hope to get studs in this weekend and sealed!
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Well, company sent my GG instead of SS soooooooo couldn't do the staggered stud wall. frown.gif But, I did get the majority of the door done ala jelloslug style.

mortised in BB hinges

BB hinges are prettyyyyyyyy tongue.gif

rough mortise

locked and loaded!

Sand goes in the door tonight and gaskets on the frame/stops. Maybe get to the threshold and it's stop/gasket as well.
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Door is filled and just needs the threshold/ bottom stop! smile.gif

Pics coming!
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I guess if I can hang on the door, having nearly 100lbs of sand isn't an issue.....

90ish lbs of sand in the door!

Gasket for the door

This proved a bit too thick at the bottom of the vertical latch side of the door. So the bottom half of the stop will get a size or two smaller.

Siliconed the door knob, both sides (and don't worry, I cleaned it up tongue.gif)

Next step......putting in the threshold/bottom stop!
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Possibly temporary unfinished threshold bottom stop done.

My very UNscientific findings:

Test piece - Bourne Ultimatum opening scene
Not a very low end dominate scene but definitely has some parts with impact. Most listening I run at a maximum of -5.0 from reference, and last night ran this at -15.0 from reference.

Keep in mind that the adjoining wall to the rest of the house is WIDE open right now. That open wall is connected to the master bath and second full bath and hallway to the bedrooms and stairs to the first floor.

Originally when I was in the Master bedroom and master bath door open and the HT door was closed I could easily make out conversation, bass was obvious and you would need to raise your voice just a bit from normal levels. Last night with the HT door closed you couldn't hear nearly anything except for the faintest rumble of bass. When I closed the bathroom door you could sleep peacefully and not be bothered at all.

I am definitely shocked at the $60 benefit of this door. Very happy I went this route and am very eager to get up the drywall. I may not need to go to the extent I thought of three layers of drywall and may be able to get away with two.

Yay. smile.gif
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FRAMING DONNNNNNNE. Might have two little things that need to be fixed more than built, but the major stuff is done!

Tore done the drywall over the bar area since I'll start the drywall for the ceiling back here and work forward since I need to do the overlap with the back wall. Uncovered a beautifully bowed 2x4.

Cut about a 2" strip from the framing wall to put up the step strips.

Caulked and stepped pics!

Staggered studs going up!!

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Spent about 45 min last night cutting in and finding where to run the new circuit to the breaker panel.

Panel in the garage, in a nice easy location, below the front left corner of the man room.

I measured off the screen wall and the side wall of the garage to find the free spot I could run the power wires for the man room. I just drilled a 9/32" hole and shoved the long phillips head down through to see where it was located. Perfect spot!

In the man room....

I have had no issues with power on the current circuit with all the audio stuff running, refrigerator, hair dryer and a few lights and bathroom fan, so that circuit will be left alone for the outlets that are currently in there. I'm thinking that I only need to add two circuits, and that will be for all the A/V equipment and additional lights. Also, with the attic directly above, I can easily get wire anywhere I need. Is there any downside to this besides eating up a good length in wire?
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