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yht-s400 and Viera link

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I have PS3, Panasonic plasma and yht-S400 hooked up together. Video and sound both work well. I was able to make Viera link settings like this:
Viera link - ON
Power on link - Y
Power off link - Y
Energy saving mode - Quick start
Unselected device... - Y (with prompt)
Default speaker - Theater

But Viera link doesn't seem to work with S400, even though S400 is said to be compatible with Viera. When I turn on TV, S400 doesn't wake up with it. More annoying thing is that, sound bar totally blocks TV remote signal.
If you have experience with this type of setup, could you give me some advice? Thanks.
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Did you turn the YHT's HDMI-CTL to on? It is off by default. See pg. 21 of your manual and pg. 23 for further instructions. If your PS3 is a slim, it probably has HDMI-CTL as well and can be linked.

Can't help you with the height of the bar though. If it has keyhole slots on the back you can mount it above the TV using soundbar brackets.
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Thank you so much, Possumgirl. I didn't know there is such a thing called "hdmi control". I enabled this option on my TV, PS3 and Yamaha speakers. Now I can turn all of them on by only powering up the TV. It is convenient!

I think I need to look for a TV stand to solve the sound bar height problem. It shouldn't be a big deal. Thx again.
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