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New to higher end TVs and need some suggestions...

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I hesitated making this thread but I did use the search function and couldn't quite find what I was looking for.

After lurking on this forum for a year I decided to switch from a 40" Samsung mid-tier LCD TV that I purchased at Best Buy a couple of years ago to a plasma TV. Until I saw this site I just thought plasma TVs looked like, well looked bad compared to LCDs. I ended up getting the Samsung PN51D8000 and absolutely LOVE it! I am hooked and cannot believe how much better they look at home than in the stores. I used to think 3D was a gimmick and now my family and I watch 3D content all the time. I love playing the PS3 again because of the TV.

I just bought a new house and until then this 51'' has been in our bedroom much to my spouses' chagrin

Now to the point. I wanted to get another Samsung plasma, the exact same model but in the 59" version and keep the 51 in our bedroom. That idea went over like a turd in a punchbowl and now I have been given parameters for the new TV that is allowed in our bedroom.

The max size is 46". So other than the Panasonic 46" ST30 it looks like my choices are going to be LCD/LED TVs. I would like to stay with Samsung so I can use my 3D glasses and have similar looking TVs in my new house when it is redone. I have been looking at the UN46D700, 8000 and Sony KDL-46HX729 sets.

I love gaming and would like the TV to have 3D capabilities. I do not know enough about the 120Hz vs the 240Hz other than it should make 3D better. As far as getting a 46" TV am I heading down the right direction with what I am looking for and the limit of 46"?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know threads like these arent the best but I am lost. So, 46" TV max - Plasma or LCD/LED - Needs to be great for gaming - 3D is important but not vital as I have the other TV for that and around $1800 budget. What do I?

Thanks in advance to anyone who reads this verbose post.
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The Panasonic TC-P46st30 would be my choice among the three sets mentionned. It will come closest to the pq of the bigger Samsung you already own. It will have none of the flashlighting/clouding of the Samsung leds. It will do 3D better than the other two. It will have far less gaming lag than the Sammy leds. The Sony would be my second choice--game lag worse than Panny but still better than Samsung. It does fall down a bit in 3D performance.
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I really appreciate the response Steve. I guess the reason I was looking at LCD/LED TVs was because I already have a plasma and wanted to have both. I know the Panasonic is probably the best for my wants it is just that I would rather have the 50" GT30 but alas my wife will not go for a TV that size in our bedroom. There are no ST30s available in city anymore and I have a weird thing about ordering a TV from Amazon.

I will look into that Sony a little further, there is a good deal on one here in town. I don't really know the best sites to look for reviews but on the lcdbuyingguide website. The review of the Sony model I mentioned was not as good as the Samsung UN46D700. Again, I am pretty new to this stuff and usually just bought what the guy at the Best Buy said was the best, now I realize he was selling me what they needed to get rid of.

I do respect peoples opinions on this forum over review sites though as you all actually have experience with most of the TVs in question. Again, thanks for the reply, it was helpful. Anyone else care to chime in?
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Well I went ahead and bought the UN46D7000 on the 15th. I obviously like the looks and think it is hands down one of the better looking TVs available right now. I have the PN51D8000 in my bedroom (Until we move next month) and have gotten used to that TV and now when I watch the new LED I have I just don't get the same feel from it.

I wish I could give a better more learned explanation but it just does not look as good at ALL. This is from a person who refused to even consider a plasma up until 4 months ago. I think I am going to take it back to the store and trade it in for the exact same TV (PN51D8000) that I have now. It took some convincing on my part but my wife gave in and said we could have a 51'' TV in our bedroom in the new house so that opens up a lot of options.

For some reason I thought this new TV would blow me away and I am just underwhelmed. In all fairness it has not been calibrated other than me using some settings I found on here ( I know, I know ) so maybe it is an awesome set but I cannot stop looking at the back light bleeding (In between scenes when gaming) or the two dead pixels I found in the very top corner of the TV.

Anyway, thank for replying to my dull thread
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