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Im looking to upgrade from a stereo cabinet to an equipment rack. I do not need anything fancy since I do not have, or ever will have, a high end theater setup.

I have been looking at the Omnipoint Rack systems but I have no idea what size I would need since Im not sure how many 'rack spaces' I would need for my stuff.

This is what I plan on putting in the rack - maybe you all can help me on the rack spaces I might need.

Onkyo Receiver - It is older but I know most are about the same dimensions
X-Box 360
ATT Uverse Box (Basicly a cable box)
Dell Zino Computer and 4 hard drives. The Zino is one of those small ones and this currently sits on one shelf with the hard drives.
Harmony Remote, and Xbox battery chargers
(2) AC Power conditioners (2 screw holes on each side for a tack mount)
sony blu-Ray player

I know the remote station and battery chargers are small but my questions really are for the bigger items.

Im trying to figure out if a 16 rack space system would be enough for me

I know nothing about racks so sorry if this question sounds silly.