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ysp-4000 3D work around?

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So I have a ysp-4000 that has served me well. I just upgraded to a Samsung 3D plasma that came with a 3D blu-ray player. I used to run all components thru the YSP but will I still be able to watch 3D content? what would be the best set up for me? I am not in a hurry to run out and buy a new sound system but would like to use some of the 3D features
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The specs don't say anything about it supporting 3D pass-through. Connect the 3D blu-ray player to your TV via HDMI. Also run an optical connection from the BD player to the YSP. On the player, change audio out settings to optical instead of HDMI. You should be good to go that way.
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Work around. Split 3d signal to YSP and TV.

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Why should he spend $23 when simply adding an inexpensive optical cable will do what he needs? Although that switch might work, it's really meant for sending source to two different TVs.
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thanks for the help since I already have an extra optical cable I'll try that option first.
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