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Multi-Room audio distribution for smallish condo

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I'm currently in the process of a full remodel of my 1100 sf condo/bachelor pad. When I say full remodel I mean everything is ripped back to the studs so I'm really dealing with a blank slate which is nice but also a bit overwhelming. The good news is we're only talking 1100 sf so it's not a monumental task. At this point I have the ability to run any sort of hard wiring I need (speaker wire, cat6, etc) and mount speakers anywhere I see fit. I literally just discovered Sonos today while searching for whole home audio and after some research it seems like the perfect fit.

Here's my broad view of what I want to accomplish and hopefully you guys can help me turn this into a more detailed plan. First, I want to have audio in my living room, master bath, and master bedroom. In the living room my plan is to do a traditional 5.1 home theater surround system. I would like a Sonos unit to tie into this. In the bedroom, I'm thinking a simple 2 channel setup with in wall speakers and another Sonos unit. In the bathroom I could either do another 2 channel speaker setup with Sonos unit or just install one Play:3 or Play:5. That might be plenty for a master bath, not sure. That way all rooms are tied together or can be controlled separately. I'm thinking this is my best option.

What do you guys think? Where am I right, where am I wrong, what should I do different. What Sonos units do you recommend for my setup. Thanks a bunch.
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With the walls open, home run all the speaker wire to a central location for the equipment. That will also give you flexibility to use something other than Sonos in the future (Sonos is a fine choice, though).

Wire keypad locations in those rooms (cat5 cable) - you can bury the cable and document it (so they won't have blank plates on the walls).

Check out the "Wiring You New House" wiki over at Cocoontech for lots of advice about pre-wiring for just about everything... (a remodel down to bare studs is the same as "new"!)

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Thanks for those tips. Checking out that wiki now.
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Sounds like you want to end up with something similar to what I'm doing: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1382715

Except that since you got the possibility to basically do whatever you want, you can do it properly without a hassle
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I agree with Jeff, run wire to everything you can think of now..especially cat5e/6 and then back to a centralized area (closet, etc). When running speaker with to keypad, loop and then run to the speaker location. Also run cat5 along with it for keypad control, etc later on. Also consider running some cat5 cables to tv locations for future...never know when you want to distribute video

Oh, and take a 1000 pictures of wire locations (well maybe not a 1000 but you get the idea). This will help you in the future locate in buried wires in the wall.
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Originally Posted by rockjeep44 View Post

Thanks for those tips. Checking out that wiki now.

Have any interest in incorporating any Home Automation into your place?
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