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good audio calibration DVD

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For a long time I have needed a better audio calibration disc. I have the digital video essentials BD disc but the audio never worked well, at least with my xonar hdav 1.3 analog audio card.

I'm thinking about the Disney Wow disc but read that for video calibration the DVE is better. I had always liked the THX optimizer in reg DVDs and I just learned that T2 skynet addition has the optimizer on the disc. On Amazon it was $6 so needless to say I ordered that.

So does anyone even use this audio setup disc any more? For those that do which one do you prefer?
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I own almost every calibration disc ever produced, call it OCD. Overall, for video calibration I think its tough to beat either Disney WOW or Video Essentials on bluray. The Disney disc inmparticular is great because it contains over thirty HD scenes from Disney bluray releases to check the results.
On the audio side of things, there is not a disc on the planet that can match the 5.1 Audio Toolkit which was produced by Tony Grimani, an audio industry guru. It contains every reference tone you should ever need and is incredibly accurate. It is only available in DVD but using legacy Dolby Digital doesnt affect audio calibration with regard to level settings which remain the same throughout all formats. If you can find it, get it. Otherwise I would recommend using your AVR built in tones for best results, especially if you are using a THx certified AVR. Those internal tones are precisely calibrated to produce both reference level and a balanced system when you utilize an SPL meter.
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