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Best source for structured wiring?

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I have found some older threads around this topic...

My wife & I are in the final blueprinting/spec'ing phase of a custom home. We hope to be submitting for permit by the end of the month - which is basically the 60 day mark from breaking ground.

I am managing the low voltage work for a combination of A/V distribution and home automation (Control4).

I am looking for a good online retailer for structured wiring -- something that wraps up dual RG6 with some number of cat6 into a single cable... Monoprice doesn't seem to be much help.

Unless there is an advantage to running separate wires, I'd love to simplify.

Any advice on what structured wiring to go with & a supplier?
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Generally better IMO to run individual wires, unless you have a very standardized need across a large number of runs. Pulling multiple wires to the same location isn't much of a burden as long as you have multiple spools.

Those "structured" cables are typically quite pricey, as well...

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I would have to agree with Jeff as well on this....the addt'l cost siamese wires to me is not necessary..especially for new construction where you have open walls and the freedom to run whatever you want

I would just grab multiple spools of RG6 and cat5e (I just bought 500 ft on amazon for like 60 bucks shipped) and run them together yourself. Maybe even look into fabricating a wire rack or whatever by using piece of metal tubing and a ladder and have at it.
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Do you guys think there is anything better than... or bad.... about the Monoprice cable options?

Any reason why I should stray away from them for cabling? I've used them for other wiring, and have always been happy...
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I used spools of Monoprice cat5e wire for a lot of the wiring in my home... No complaints. Their in-wall speaker wire works great, too.
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To the OP, I think I just mentioned Amazon as a retailer for the Cat5e because they were cheaper (including S/H) than monoprice if my memory serves me correctly. I checked on the net and locally and no one could even come close to touching Amazon's prices...with shipping that is.

I just did this about a month or two ago...I needed Cat5e wire for IP Cams. I would say go with whoever has the lowest prices. The brand that amazon sold was Cables to Go and it was good enough for me!
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Check prices at the local electric supply stores. They may take back unused boxes/reels, too. Make friends with the guys at the counters. Good resource.
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