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#1 Clear simple
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If you must downgrade logos, number one. But at least use the old colors, not the faded red, green, & blue in the new ones. And this isn't coming fro nostalgia, since I just got here.

Originally Posted by NxNW View Post

Is anyone reading these comments? There are certainly enough people who have "voted" for the "write-in candidate" (option 0, ie, don't change the logo at all) that the poll should be re-done after adding this as an official choice.

I strongly urge the organizers to reconsider the need to change this at all, especially if the successor will be one of those three.

If you put a gun to my head I woud settle for #1

But in the absence of any such inducement, I won't vote in this poll at all since the existing logo is better than all of them.

Yeah run it again, please. Just for fun if nothing else. I'm guessing the current logo will win by as large a margin as #1 did here.

Serious business.
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Nothing is wrong with the current logo.
Out of the three presented for this vote I think #1 looks the best.
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i dislike all 3 i cannot put my finger on it but all 3 seem to be lacking something
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maybe take the AVS from 3 and the RGB from 1
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It's a pity that the word 'science' has been lost in all of the new logos. What distinguishes AVS from the other forums is the 'science' part. Maybe this is deliberate policy of the forum owners of course. I actually prefer the old logo to the three new ones, but if I had to go with one of the new ones, I would go with number one. But nobody will ever know what the 'S' stands for if that is used. Most people will know what 'AV' stands for of course.
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IMO, none of the choices are very good. IMO, they're not aesthetically pleasing and they say neither "technology" nor "new". They look very generic and look more like they were produced by a programmer who knows how to use Illustrator or Photoshop than by a designer. I suggest starting over.

(If you're paying money for this, I volunteer my son-in-law, who is a superb designer. If you're not, I suggest a contest, as someone else has already suggested.)
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#1 if I had to make a choice. The word "FORUM" should be made lighter as it gets lost in the background.
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Not that anyone cares, but I'm passing on voting because my choice is "the old one."
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Voted for #1 but, along with others, the old one seems just fine.
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Defiantly #1
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Barovelli's 2 cents worth.

I like #2 if you can make it look more high definition.

The ones with the S may be acronym correct, but I've always called it the AV Science Forum. AV means Audio Video to me and most people.

Logo #1 somehow reminds me of a car rental company with it's font.

Logo #3 looks like NSF. The initials seen on food carts.
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I like the first logo looks clean but I have to admit i like the one I came up with better no offence

AVSF_Logo4png1 by necroticart, on Flickr
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I sure hope thread Wikis are going to be part of the upgrade. They're SOOOO desperately necessary, with the most informational threads being hundreds or thousands of pages long... it's really impossible for a new user, or even an existing user, to find answers in those threads.
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I liked 1 myself and it seems others agree with me
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I didn't see this early enough to vote, but I like #1 the best out of the three, but I have some suggestions:
  1. Make the red, green, and blue the actual RGB values. Making them pastel looking kind of diminishes what they are.
  2. Why the textured background? It won't look good at the top of the site unless the whole site has a textured background, and I think textured backgrounds tend to have a "my first web page" look.
  3. Bring back the word "Science". AV is common, so most people will know what that stands for, but if the word Science does not appear anywhere on the site, how will future people joining even know what it means?
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BTW, I wanted to add, that the reason I did not choose #2 or #3 is that the letters are too ambiguous. On both of them the RGB colors look like an "E". And the AV looks like an "N".

So my first glance at #2 was:

AVS Forum

My first glance at #3 was:

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Logo 1
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Of course, this begs the question, why didn't the forum owners hold some kind of a logo contest for members to contribute to? Prizes could have been awarded! And, with all the talent that's here there may have been some really nice contributions.
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Instead of science, maybe it would be appropriate if the S now stands for Slickwallet. AV-S, the number one AV site to share your amazing AV deal stories, price matches, coupon strategies etc.
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Number 1 is good but the kerning on the S needs to be taken in a bit.
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Why we need to change the Logo?
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Originally Posted by billz260 View Post

Number 1 is good but the kerning on the S needs to be taken in a bit.

this is true
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#1 but it is mediocre at best... you can do better (see necroticart's example on post #224). Frankly, your original logo is much better and more professional looking than everything you have proposed.
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Yes it is and I hope Mike will consider keeping it
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Checked out the Huddler site, and it looks like AVS chose the first logo.
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Originally Posted by hdtvfan2005 View Post

Checked out the Huddler site, and it looks like AVS chose the first logo.

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I just wanna say THANK YOU to Mike and the rest of the staff FOR NOT PUTTING VB4 HERE AND RUINING THIS PLACE!

We still have the nice colours,etc we had before.......... I was very worried when they said "CHANGES" that they were going to put Vb4 here FOR NO REASON!!!!!

VB4 is a piece of colourless garbage and a waste of time!!!!

I just wanted to come and thank them for not doing this! (Maybe my opinions helped)

I have lost several VBB sites to VB4 the last 2 years and THERE IS NO REASON FOR IT!!!!! -- What they had was fine,why goto crap and say its better?? (I abandon all VBB sites im on that goto VB4 (Except 1 that spent the time needed to REWRITE EVERYTHING to keep the same good look))

Thank you Mike and Staff!!
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