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Those "new" logos look ugly, the current one looks best
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One, Uno, Ein!

Thanx, Gracias, Danke!
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#1 the others look like an N
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Originally Posted by cattledog View Post

the whole "science" thing needs to go. 99.9% of this forum is opinion.


Originally Posted by jd in nj View Post

do you have any research studies to back that up?

LOL! That was too funny! :d
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I think the first one is the clearer choice becuase the other two are, well, less clear. I keep reading N or NS from the other two and think it's somehow connected to Nintendo.
I like the idea of the other two in using some kind of a ribbon to suggest maybe magnetic tape or film, combined with the primary colors of light that can also be seen as some kind of LED level meters...but they aren't quite clearly AVS.
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Of course, this begs the question, why didn't the forum owners hold some kind of a logo contest for members to contribute to? Prizes could have been awarded! And, with all the talent that's here there may have been some really nice contributions.
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As a graphic designer logo 1 is too plain, logo 3 too busy, thus leaving logo #2 as the winner. With some tweaking I think logo 3 could be the best, just needs some refinement.
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#1 is my choice, it's clean and easy to read.
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Logo #1 will stand the test of time better, #2 and #3 will look dated in a short time.
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Being an old member here, I will say branding is important, if you stray to far from your original idea you can hurt yourself.

Logo 1 is the most akin to your original and i like.
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I agree, 1 is retro and 3 is innovative. out with the old in with the new....3!
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if you have to change, then numero uno! olé!
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#1 vote from a newb..

Clear, concise and a bit more remember-able - before creating a log on and becoming a "member" I remember the old logo as being one of the easier ways of finding the sight through the googles..
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I actually like them in the order they are presented: #1, then #2, then #3... Thanks for asking for feedback
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I like 3 the best, but it would be hard to print and embroyder on shirts, hats etc.

In saying that if you took the AVS from Logo one and used the Red Green and Blue buts from logo 3 you would have a easily recognized easily printable logo sutable for anything.

Since I know some of whats coming for AVS I want to wish you the best and good luck in the updates!
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Well, 2 and 3 are just confusing to me, so they are out.
(They make me think to much about the logo, is that really what you want for a BI - Brand Image?)

What is the "Mission" statement of AVS?
I tried to find one but could not.
A blog + forum site?
What is the purpose?
Business statement?

and truly how do you want to tie that into your BI?

The RGB gives a nice tech feel, and represents the video side by .... well simply "visually" .
Audio is missing from any visual representation, keeping the "S" in the logo keeps science - fact based data, as part of the core value of AVS.

Therefore I voted 1, but somehow would like audio to be part of the visual logo as well, w/o getting too busy.
(sound waves in the black mask possibly??
Strong on the lower left and fading into the upper right at they collide into the RGB??)

fwiw, the RGB immediately reminded me of this logo, don't know why http://www.curtpalme.com/
When I think of that site, video immediately comes to mind.





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I voted for #1. #2 & #3 look like a logo for something called NS Forum.

Mr Zoid
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One thing to add, you need to consider iPhone/iPad/droid logo size as well, and it's a different format size so that might make your BI selection & harmonization a little more challenging.....have fun with the process
snapshot of my iPhone home screen:
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I'd like Logo 2 with the EQ bars of Logo 1...but if I had to choose with no changes then I'd go with Logo 1.
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Another one for #1.

And it wasn't close.
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#1 without hesitation. The other 2 are a bit confusing.
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From the available choices #1 is the best. Crisp, clean and you can tell what it's for at a glance. Also the play on a level meter is a nice touch.
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Originally Posted by scorpiontail60 View Post

And no, we don't need to keep abbreviating everything until words no longer exist. Just as "app" is an annoying forced "catchy" word and not preferable over "application" whatsoever, so is removing the word forum and just sticking an F in there to create this vague string of letters.

You know who started this destruction of the language? The genius who came up with "J-Lo." I could easily seriously mess that clown up. As soon as the venerable National Geographic channel became "Nat Geo" I knew it was all over.

#1 is blocky and horrible with no hint of technology to it at all. 2 is indecipherable at any level, so I guess that means I'm voting for #3.
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#1 - Some of the DVD prewievs of features lack clarity that what seems to be desirable product, it does not tell name of it clearly enough, thus ignored, to be rejected, forgotten # 1
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I like #1 the best, probably because it is the easiest to read. I also really like the LEDs though, because the RGB colour is appropriate, and I'm sure almost all members will have at least 1 piece of equipment with LED level meters.

I do kind of agree with KINGOFFOOTBALL though that the brushed metal might be getting a bit dated. It seems to me that most good logos have been getting a more simple, light, airy(?) feel over the last few years. Maybe if it was just a solid colour instead of the 3D beveled metal look?

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Logo 1 is the cleanest of the three. I like it a lot.
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I did not vote, don't like the new ones. The old logo looks better!

You might find some inspiration on the net

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I like #1 with the color bars from #2.
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2 reads as "N" or "NE"
3 reads as NSF.

Of the three you have presented us, the first is the clear choice, as it reads as AVS or AVSF. (perhaps lose the dimmed out sections of the RGB bars?)

Not really going to make any other suggestions as I don't know what the rest of your theme redesign looks like. I do hope that you have an equivalent of "AVSForum.com Black" though.
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