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HTPC with Casatunes Server, possible?

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Is it possible to have a rather small HTPC that can act as both a Video device for playing movies/TV etc and also act as a Casatunes server?

Casatunes needs 6 channels off a sound card to output audio to a whole home audio switcher.

So I assume that the HTPC would need 2 sound cards maybe?

I can see having music streaming to the whole home audio amp at the same time a movie is streaming to the AVR.

Thanks in advance for advice.
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Why would you need 2 soundcards? The web site shows that they make a 6 zone output soundcard so I dont understand what your asking?
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Casatunes will be outputting 8 channels of audio. 4 different MP3s going to 4 differnet amps.

I'll then need some way to get the audio from a movie out. This will be another 6(5.1) channels of audio.

I'm not sure what the best way to output 14 channels of audio simultaneously.
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If your using any newer video cards with HDMI outputs that will carry your audio.
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Hmmm, is there a system board out there that has HDMI that can carry 1080P as well as HD audio... that also has standard sound card ports that i can use to carry at least 4 channels of audio?

I need everything to operate simultaneously.
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Whether you need a discrete sound card depends on how many inputs you have on your multizone setup. Win 7 will use one sound output (e.g., HDMI) and all other outputs on your motherboard can be managed by Casatunes. There are many choices of motherboards with HDMI, coax, spdif, and 7.1 (I.e., 4 analog outputs). With a separate DAC, you could use the coax and spdif to give you additional analog outputs.

My setup is the following:

- Intel SB w/on-board HDMI and 7.1
- generic 7.1 PCI sound card
- CasaTunes

2) Emotiva UMC-1 preamp

3) Nuvo Technologies Grand Concerto (6 audio inputs)

- HDMI to preamp for local room
- preamp zone 2 output to input 6 on Nuvo
- CasaTunes manages discrete sound card and outputs to inputs 1-4 on Nuvo
- CasaTunes manages onboard 7.1 and outputs 1 to input 5 on Nuvo

My old Russound only had 4 inputs so I did not need the discrete sound card. With the Nuvo, I got a cheap 7.1 sound card off eBay.
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This is just what I am looking to do! Thanks for the info!
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