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Impending Marquee Crisis?

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I was watching a movie last weekend and in the middle of the movie I heard a load SNAP and the picture went black for about 1/2 second. The picture came back and I watched the rest of the movie. I've watched two more movies since then without any incidents. Was this a bizarre one time occurrence or is my projector trying to tell me something?

Thanks for any/all input!

FYI - this is a Marquee 9000 with VIM and neck boards from a 9500.

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it's a high voltage leak and will eventually damage the HDM. Follow this guide carefully and don't cut corners or skip any steps


HV Anode replacement.doc 469k . file
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Thanks - is there any way to tell which anodes need this treatment or should I just do all three?
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Frankly, I would wait. Dragan could be right, but you may also have had an internal arc in a tube, which is harmless. It happens from time to time due to internal tube impurities.

I do have anode leads in stock that are new, and if you're going to tear the set apart, I'd do all three, as they are cheap, and they do all age similarly. If it does it one more time at all, then do change the leads, but if not, I think you're fine.

An external arc as Dragan is guessing can indeed damage boards, so do jump on it if you hear it again, but a failing HV lead usually will arc/spark fairly repetitively as the insulation breaks down. Email me through the site below if you do need HV leads.
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You can also check to see if there is any carbon scoring on the leads( sounds like star wars! ) if there is black carbon built up on the HV leads static electricity can build up and follow the carbon and jump to a board. Also if you recently did any thing with the VNB's make sure you connected the flat black ground wires from the tube to the VNB, if not that will cause snaping as well.

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I've heard (and saw)an internal tube arc once with VDC re-build and it was more of a dull pop, like a Popcorn bag exploding in the microwave.
However if you hear a loud SNAP, like those little white 4th of July "pop-its" it's happening outside the tube IMO and with a MArquee it's the old style boot 99% of the time. I wouldn't wait, clean off that Carbon soot and get a cartridge of Pure RTV Silicone from Home depot for 5 bucks, Black or clear

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If I had to guess it was more like the 4th of July than popcorn :-(. Heading out for vacation later this week, but it sounds like my first project upon returning is cleaning and RTV.... I'll post an update in a couple of weeks.
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The last arcing problem I saw was the HVPS feed wire and those are not replaceable. The anode splitter may also be suspect. Make sure all of the connections into the splitter are fully tight; a large needlenose pliers can be used like a wrench for those.

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good point, it wouldn't hurt to pop the covers off and run the machine in the dark, see if the arc occurs while your watching because it will be visible, bright blue elmo's fire. Stay well AWAY from the machine during this.
I would still do the anode lead's re-sealing first as cheap insurance, machine unplugged
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That's so awesome our marquees can do St. Elmo's fire.
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