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Piano and Rainbows??  

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I still have not had the chance to demo the Piano, but as i do not see rainbows on the Sim HT200DM which has the same 4 x RGBRGB wheel, I don't think rainbows will be a prob for me.

However, I do care about any guests and don't really want to have a cinema evening and have half my friends leaving with headaches and the other half 'chundering' over the carpet (the stains might not come out, my friends will get better though).

So how many people or their guest have actually:
1. seen or complaied about rainbows
2. had eye strain
3. got headaches,
4. had severe epileptic seizures requiring hospitilization
5. OR are just are deliriously HAPPY when watching films via the Piano?
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I saw the Piano at a dealer's theater

I did see rainbows and they made me a little dizzy

My husband didn't see rainbows but felt a little dizzy after

Other than the rainbows it was an awesome picture for the money

If I wasn't rainbow sensitive I would probably purchase the Piano

Diana M
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....by the way the reason I ask is because I am bordering on purchasing one over the AE100
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It's been noted that the 4x & 5x RGBRGB color wheels diminish the rainbow effect for the majority. Those folks who are sensitive to rainbows will be affected to some degree regardless. I guess you could compare it to color blindness...you either are or are not. The majority of folks are not.

Relative to my 50+ guests who have watched multiple movies on my Piano...

1. Zero
2. Zero
3. Zero
4. Zero
5. All
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Wow, I have never seen the dreaded rainbows but I also don't have much experience with projectors at all. I didn't realize they could be so serious. I hope they get the bugs worked out some day as I would love to have one of the better DLP projectors some day. It wouldn't be fun suffering from headaches all the time or worse yet having a friend or loved one fall to the floor in a seizure!!!!!!! Whoa.............:eek:
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My wife and I have both seen rainbows from a NEC DLP projector. I saw them big time when looking at B/W movies. To me it was like a something from Yellow Submarine. Just enough to distract from the movie. I noticed it more when moving my head.
Its the AE100 for me!
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I have never seen a rainbow on my Piano, nor has anyone in my family. I have never made any effort to see one (why would I?)
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Thanks for the replies, it is comforting to hear that zero of Gene's 50+ guests have had no problems. Sorry to hear about Diana's dizziness (glad to hear she thought it was an astoundinding picture though). So it looks as if it is only a very small number of people are actually affected by rainbows and the like on the Piano.

The balance is now well and truly in favour of the Piano over the AE100 for my circumstances.


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About twenty people have seen my Plus Piano to date and not one mention of rainbows nor have I seen this myself. Twenty very impressed people and two seriously considering buying one. All in all, I am VERY pleased with my purchase. I did have one person notice the screen door effect from up close ( a child, figures...).
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I had to return my piano back because of not only rainbows but also eye strain. Too bad because I really liked its picture:(

I had 2 guests and they saw 2 movies with it before I took it back, here is we thought on those 2 issues:

- I saw rainbows all the time even on bright scenes, I also had severe eye strain that was there the minute my eyes met the picture (to me this was worse than having to live with rainbows!)

- guest A only noticed rainbows when he was trying to see them, not an issue for him. He did mention that there was something weird about the picture but still not that serious

- Guest B same as A with rainbows but he experienced noticeable eye strain although not as bad as I did

I should till you that the piano only stayed with me for 10 hours or so but I felt from the severity of the rainbows/eye strain that I wouldn't get used to them, my guests however were much less affected and I guess that maybe with time they could goten accustomed

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I evaluated a Piano for a weekend a couple of weeks back. I very seriously wanted to buy this projector, however I still saw the rainbows. They were muted and much less noticeable to me than the first generation (presentation) DLP projectors, but they were still there. Quite a shame. Once the manufacturers get rid of this problem, I am sure DLP will shine.
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Have 400 hours on my Piano and have had many neighbors over to watch. Not one mentioned any problems with rainbows.

However, my wife and I did notice some eyestrain the first few movies but our eyes adjusted and we don't experience the strain at all anymore. Your eyes just get used to the picture.

I have a sneaking suspicion that if you explain to your guests what a rainbow is or suggest they may have some eye strain, they will focus on this and 'notice' it. If you don't mention it, they won't notice. This is for the majority of viewers but there will be a few (judging from the neverending rainbow discussions) who will experience it to different degrees. I just don't know anyone personally who has this problem.
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