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DIY Ikea based Speaker Stands!!!

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Since Ive bought some new speakers, I had to find a way to mount them, or buy stands for them. The Paradigm stands run an obscene $180.00 (nearly 50% price of the speakers!), so I decided to tackle some DIY stands to save some money and to be able to quit using my TV trays! I enlisted some help from my Dad, and we got to work! Total cost of this project was $31.48


2ea 9"x11"x1_3/4" bases (2x12 stock)
2ea 7"x10"x3/4" poplar platforms
2ea 36" threaded rod
4ea Ikea Vika Table Legs in satin black
4ea 1" washer
4ea locking washer
4ea nut
8ea 1" wide rubber furniture feet
20ea 1/2" screws
Table sander
Orbital Sander
80, 150, 250, 500, 800, 1000 grit sandpaper
wood filler
Black paint

Here is one of the bases after routing and drilling the holes for the rods and speaker wire. 2 holes drilled in the back, 1 in the front. In back of picture, you can see the Ikea legs we'll be using.

Blurry picture of Ikea legs upright. Ignore the messy garage. My parents had their basement torn apart and my garage is detached so it was too cold.

Test fit of legs in base.

Recessed holes drilled so rod, washer, locking washer, and nut sit flush with base of stand. Route a 1/2" - 1" wide channel from the rear of stand back. This will serve as a channel for the speaker wire to come in.

Top view of poplar platform after routing and sanding.

Side shot of poplar platform after routing and sanding.

*No pictures during final sanding and painting*

To put everything together, run your speaker wire up through the base, all the way through the legs, and out a 1/4" hole that you'll drill 1" from the top of the leg in the rear of the stand.

Finished pictures:

All done!

These stands weigh about 12lbs each and are VERY VERY sturdy. We installed 1" round rubber feet at the base that provide very good grip and sit the stands off the floor about 1/8". Making the base a bit wider than the platform makes them noticeably sturdier than making the base the same size.

The IKEA legs come with a recessed flange about 1" down on the inside. Youll need to drill out the middle hole in all 4 legs, and the rear hole in 2 legs.

Make the platforms 1" wider than your speakers. Then when you rout the edges, the speakers will sit flush to the platform. This is personal taste, but it looks really sharp.

Spend A LOT of time in wood filling, sanding, and painting. This is KEY to getting a nice finish.

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Nice, added to my list.
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Nice man. Simple Elegant look to it. Curious why you used poplar for the top if you were going to paint black over it?

Is that a GTI in the background ? Dig those.
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I wanted a wood that was easy to work with and finished down well. Honestly didn't put too much thought into it as it fit into the budget well. You can still see the grain of the wood well, similar to an OEM speaker finish.

Yea, that's my moms GTI in the background. It's an 09 w/ DSG. It has like 15k miles and is never driven over 60mph. /facepalm

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I personally use poplar because it is a cheap hardwood that isn't great for staining but good for painting and more durable than pine or other softwood. Meaning it is more resistant to indents.

Poplar is also a relatively fast growing tree that is replenished fairly quickly compared to other species. These stand look nice and look like an easy project.
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Nice build.

About a century ago when I was still sharing houses, I made a couple of similar stands for my Proac Tablettes but with 3 aluminium tube legs (4 in another version) filled with sand through holes in the top plates. I got the Al tube free or I would have used Tassie oak dowels.

I'd also suggest toeing the speakers in so the axis cross near your head.
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Nice man! Those look great!
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Originally Posted by A9X-308 View Post

I'd also suggest toeing the speakers in so the axis cross near your head.

These are my surrounds so they're facing right at me off the wall.

Thanks for all the kind comments, everyone!

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Originally Posted by mgproudfit View Post

These are my surrounds so they're facing right at me off the wall.

Redact that then, I thought they might have been L/R as you didn't mention they were surrounds.
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Hi, first off, great job, those stands look excellent! I had my wife pick me up 4 Vika table legs today at Ikea so I can attempt this build in the next couple days. I'm not entirely clear on how you are using the threaded rod in the plans. Could you elaborate a little? Also, how are you attaching the platform to the legs? Thanks!
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1 - Drill out the 2" rod that is set inside the IKEA leg

2 - Thread your 36" rod through the IKEA leg

3 - Set IKEA leg on stand base. The rod will go through the hole you drilled and into the recessed cutout. Insert washer, locking washer, and nut.

4 - Attach IKEA supplied bracket to underside of speaker platform. Use 1/2" screws to fasten to underside of platform.

5 - Tighten threaded rod down through bottom of speaker stand util whole assembly is tight.

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Thanks for the clarification. I ordered a new pair of studio monitors today so Im gonna wait till they arrive so I can measure exactly what size platform I need before i get started. But, Im sure Ill be back with other questions as Im not the handest guy around wink.gif
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No problem! If I dont reply, shoot me a PM. Im not on here too often.

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