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G70 Red Tube alignment issue

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It's been a while since I've posted and I thought I'd check with the experts here for help. I have a G70 that Terry (Chuchuf) installed 7 years ago. I've had no issues until yesterday. Yesterday morning the unit was working fine and then last night I turned it on to discover the red tube was all out of whack. The outer portions of the red tube were completely out of alignment. Nothing had touched or been done to the unit. I tried all of the convergence I could, but nothing could get the red to align. I've emailed and called Terry, but don't know if he is still working on CRT's. Does anyone know if Terry is still working on CRT's?

As you can see in the picture, the red tube bows out of alignment. Could this be from the red tube going bad?

I really don't want to go a different route of projector/display device. What are my options? Is there a technology that the old CRT enthusiast's are going to? Any suggestions on how to fix this issue or someone who could help is greatly appreciated.
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Did you try the bow adjustment in the setup menu? Not clear all you tried to adjust. Bow has to be done in the set up menu beyond the user controls. If the bow adjustment does not take it out, not sure what to tell you.
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Originally Posted by crutch85 View Post

Could this be from the red tube going bad?

I doubt it. Perhaps one of the control boards.

Like the previous post mentioned have you tried adjusting the red BOW?

Have you tried re-seating the boards?
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I did try to adjust the bow. That was one of the first attempts I made. However, it wouldn't move at all around the Mis-aligned areas.

I haven't tried to reseat the boards. This is something I've never attempted. Any guidance as to which boards or what to do with them is greatly appreciated. I just don't want to mess anything up.
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you need to talk to Curt Palme. This has nothing to do with the tube, this is either the the red channel on the Convergence board going bad on or a deflection board issue. Either way it's 100% repairable.
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Thank you all so much for your help. I'll reach out to Curt ASAP. I did try to re-seat the boards, but to no avail. The Bow is still at the Vertical Minimum and won't correct the issue. Hopefully he can help me with some parts to get my baby back running again.

I'm already one day with my 3 eyed monster and feel lost without being able to spend my multiple hours a day staring at her. I'm sure the day will come that I will have to seek an alternative giant screen video device, but I don't want that day any time soon.
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You need a convergence board repair. I can do that for you, it's a common problem. Email me at curtpalme at shaw.ca.

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