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Speaker location

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Need some fast advice on speaker locations. Tuesday the drywall is getting mudded, so I only have a short time to fix wires if neeed. Sorry for the small picture.

Room is approx. 17' wide x 20' deep. The small blue lines in the room are the edge of a soffit that is 9' up, and the middle of the room is a 10' ceiling. TV is at the top (yellow highlight). Speaker location planned are the blue dots. The fronts I will be able to wire in later. Sides and rears I need to wire in the wall before.

Sofa will be about 11' away from a 52" LCD. Rears are wired in the wall to be 7'6" above floor and approx. 3' behind sofa. Side speakers are same height as rear but I am stuck as to the location thanks to the window and doors.
All speaker wire is 16 gauge. I want this entire system to be really good quality. Is the gauge enough or should I have went with 14?

Im still looking at what speakers to go with. Im thinking floor standing for the fronts, and bookshelf size for the sides and rear that will be mounted on the wall.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanx
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Those spots look OK to my untrained eye.
I did my room with 16 gauge from Monoprice
Don't forget to wire for the sub.
I used a keystone wall plate with binding posts for banana plugs and changed out one of the binding posts for an RCA plug because I had two speakers and a sub coming out. For just a sub, you could use a keystone plate with one hole and a single RCA keystone jack.
I like these for behind the receiver because they allow a lot of cables to go through and let you add in the future if you need to.
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Wires for the fronts will run within the cabinet that I will be building later.
Once I am set up I will test the sub in different locations, then probably run the wire under the floor.
Sides and rears - wire will run through the mounting hardware or hooked up to a wall plate. All depends on the speaker size and shape.
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