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Best Sounding 5.1 Receiver For ~$700

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I am looking for a receiver to pair with my KEF 3005SE 5.1 System

This receiver will be used in a smallish room (10' x 15') and will be used primarily for video gaming, movies and some television.

I am more interested in a quality receiver vs all the bells and whistles I'll probably never use.

I am open to new or used models. But at the moment I am getting a little overwhelmed with what's out there.

Other items in the setup include:
Pioneer 5080HD Plasma TV
HD Cable Box

Help is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,
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I'd look in the Denon line and start with the first few posts here to learn the differences in features:


Both the 1712 and the 2112 have MultEq XT which us a pretty sophisticated room-correction system and will EQ the sub (many budget receivers won't eq the sub). The room correct software will impact the sound more than anything else, IMO. The 2112 has a street price of around $450 right now, and you get a pretty nice receiver for the money.

Here is a link that will help with where to find the best prices from authorized online resellers:


Edit: I just noticed you are in Canada. I'm not sure how to find the best deal there or whether the online retailers will ship to Canada.
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I honestly think your speakers have a bigger effect on sound rather than the receiver. Having larger fronts than the 3005 would make a bigger difference than a specific receiver.

That said if you don't care about the biggest feature set maybe look at NAD, which people claim sounds better than the more commonly known receivers. The T748 should be in your price range.

Since you're in Canada maybe the Yamaha 8063 will fit your needs.
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Easy : Onkyo HT-RC370 which, for less than $500, will give you 7.2 channels with plenty of power, Audyssey MultEQ XT, Marvell Qdeo 4K full video processing chip, THX certification, WIFI, IPod connection, etc, etc....Truly a bargain in today's A/V world.
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at accessories4less
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I would strongly recommend looking into the HK AVR 3600. Can be had for $545 @ Amazon.com. HK is widely believed to be the best sounding receiver brand. I upgraded from a Yamaha, and the difference in sound is astounding.

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