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What would you do? Replace or build.

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I have 2 Yamaha ns-a838, and 4 Yamaha ns-a638. There are currently just capacitors inline with the mids and tweeters, an inductor for the woofer on the ns-a838 and nothing for the ns-a638.

I had intended to simply upgrade the capacitors with Dayton's. I don't expect a huge change with this upgrade, however, I question if the sound quality would be drastically different if I were to make a crossover. I have no intention of replacing the original drivers. My system is used 90% for gaming, 10% for music.

Thank you!
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upgrading capacitors for "gaming" speakers?

you'd get more benefit by bracing up the cabs and lining them absorption material.
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Thank you LT, I've already purchase some polyfill, would the green padding be better? All boxes are sealed.

I'm upgrading capacitors for all speakers because a few of them failed. The only caps I could find locally had a 20% tolerance on them.

The term "gaming speaker" does seem low priority when one phrases it that way I'm hoping this project is just a stepping stone to one day building my own speakers.

Not trying to put words in your type, but would your opinion be that the drivers are what they are and I wouldn't gain a vast improvement by building a crossover?

Thank you for your reply and helping out a Newb.
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building a good passive crossover network is not a trivial undertaking.

if that is what you want to get into, that is your choice and everybody should follow their own path. just know that getting good at passive networks isn't a 2 hour project...it is more like a 2,000 hour project to learn what you are doing and even more before you become really good.

as for box lining, i'd have a look at that recycled cotton fiber stuff. the absoption appeared to be as good as fiberglass, but without the pain of working with real fiberglass.
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several places sell it. here is one source:

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Thank you again LT! Initially I had only planned on making the speakers work. Upon seeing all of the possibilities out there, I'd like to go beyond. Thanks to you I will likely attempt a crossover at some point for these.

Reading up on audio these passed few months has been really exciting. I just wish I had found this in my 20s before I had so many hobbies.

Also, thank you for not flaming me about gaming speakers. Having good sound and isolation with a 7.1 system can be important. Just as surround sound helps with immersion in a movie, it helps with knowing where competitors are in a game.

Thank you again!
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well, unless the capacitors are failing, that is probably the last place that i'd start for optimizing your sound system. once you get your cabs fixed up, the next and probably the most important thing is the interaction of your speakers and the room. look into absoption that will minimize early reflections. average speakers in a well-treated room can beat great speakers in a terrible room.
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I'd say I definitely have a terrible room currently. The room I use is a section of an unfinished basement, shared with storage and my workshop. Oh yeah, and the furnace. I've considered finishing my section with the help of a buddy who does insulation for a living, which would help cut down costs dramatically.

Replacing the failed capacitors is really what brought me into this new hobby. 6 months ago my knowledge of speakers was very basic...still is, but I'm learning.

You're giving some great help and little catch phrases!
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"You're giving some great help and little catch phrases!"

thanks, but most folks around here will give great help and little catch phrases. :-)

i just happen to have a little more time to share this evening.
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I really appreciate your help LT. Most of the time I will just figure things out on my own (which rarely results in an explosion). This is all just new, enjoyably complicated, and exciting.

I suppose I have another question. Clearly, I'm a Newb, is a Newb also an audiofool? Or is that reserved for someone who purchases Bose based on price point? Maybe buys white van speakers?
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