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ae100 and peerless mount, pjc-134  

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Hello All,

Anyone have any experience with the Peerless (PJC-134) ceiling mount for the ae100.

I just finished talking to them on the phone and the price is about $216 not including the adjustable pole.

I was thinking of building my own, but I think I am heading towards just purchasing the mount for convenience.

Does anyone have any experience with Peerless and this specific mount? Thank for the help.

Ed D
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The mount does not look as easy to adjust, seems like all adjustments are done at once and then you lock it down. For the DIY you could make you own pole mount, really cheap. Check out the AE-100 Chief mount thread for DIY instructions for a pole mount.
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Funny you should ask, my Peerless just showed up via UPS yesterday! It is nicely built and solid, but it is pretty big. Or maybe I should say the pipe is bigger around than I thought it would be, but it is still a very nice mount. Looks like it will hold a Sherman Tank up on your ceiling!!
I will be installing this baby this weekend!! I thought about building my own also but decided for convience to just buy, also looks more professional IMHO. Easy there DIY guys, no offense. I got mine at cousinsvideo.com and it is much cheaper than directly from Peerless. Cousins will have it drop shipped from Peerless anyway and right to your door. If you need help on part numbers or whatever let me know.
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Is this a Universal mount, or is it specifically made for the AE100. Just curious how easy the access is to the filter... if I have to unbolt it every time then that would be a major pain and not worth it.
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On thier web site it looks like a specific one, would love to see some pictures of it.

BTW, jihnopark, pm.
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Thanks for your response, please let me know how it goes this weekend with the install. I can not wait to buy this and get my ae100 off my coffee table.

Does it look like the filter access is blocked? If you get a chance could you please post some pictures?

Thanks again for the info. Take Care.

Best Regards,

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Just got mine yesterday. It is not a universal mount. It is made for the AE100. Very substantial. It was easy to mount once I located the studs in my ceiling. Very solid. Easy to adjust (seems like a friction fit ball joint). And it looks great. Very impressed.

- Jim
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Hello Jsalk,

Where did you pick yours up and may I ask what you paid? I saw on cousinvideo.com that they had it much cheaper that the peerless sight.

If you could post some pictures, it would greatly be appreciated. Thanks very much.

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My mount is the universal but it seems that now they have a specific mount for the AE-100 as per jsalk. I hope he tells us how he got this mount as they did not have one at the time I ordered mine. The Universal mount DOES block your airfilter removal. It is a good mount but I would much rather have a dedicated mount and will be calling Peerless asap. If I do find out a part number I will post it.
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Opps, yep I did it again, a multiple post! Sorry, here is the orginal thread and the sad thing is that I was the last poster!! Duhhhhhhhhhhhh.
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