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Media catalogging apps for iOS and OS X?

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I've had DVDPedia for years, used to update my DVD and Blu-Ray collection but not so much lately. They had an app. Pocketpedia which is no longer in the App. Store. That sync'd with the desktop application by Wifi and still works. However, they used to depend on scraping Amazon and IMDB, which they no longer are able to do. Looks like they depend on something called Doghouse.

Pocketpedia app. is no longer updated and it has no barcode support so essentially, it's best for browsing the library, not adding to it. Back in the day when you could buy media at retail, you could check to make sure you already didn't have the DVD on sale or check reviews because it would link directly to IMDB.

DVDPedia is still supported and is on the Mac App Store but the barcode support doesn't work too well.

I have an evaluation copy of Delicious Library 2 and its barcode seems to work better. However, it apparently has no mobile apps. to sync to?

I searched and found something called My Movies for iPhone, My Movies for iPad and for Mac OS X. Good ratings in the App and Mac App Store but the prices of each all add up, $5 for iPhone, $7 for iPad, $15 for Mac -- still less than the price of Delicious Library. I downloaded the free version but it turns out they require an account and they sync the different versions through their server. Generally prefer not to create accounts and don't want to figure out their privacy policies.

I see DVD Profiler universal app. in the App Store. That used to be the gold standard back in the day. Main negative is that there's no Mac OS X client, just for Windows. But if the app. is sufficient on phones or tablets, that might be good enough, assuming good barcode support.

Are there any other good combos? Would be great to have desktop and mobile clients which sync collections, robust barcode support.
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Yeah, I've got Delicious Library and they did have a mobile app, but, they also got in trouble with Amazon, so it got dropped a while ago. The Delicious Library's solution is to create a website with your library on it, but, I've thought of doing a intranet at home, but, when not at home it's a pain.
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Actually Bruji has been working on a new, Amazon free, iOS version of DVDPedia/PocketPedia and it is in active Beta testing right now -- so they are the best bet you just need to wait a little while.

As far as bar code scanning, for the last couple of years now I have been using RedLaser (Classic) on the iPhone -- it scans bar codes flawlessly, then emails them to my Mac, where I paste them into an Add Multiple in *Pedia. Beats both the old :cue:cat and any iSight based scanning.
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Thanks for the tips, looking forward to new PocketPedia.

It's too bad there is no CDDB equivalent for DVDs and Blu-Rays. Also too bad that Amazon owns IMDB, which also has some useful info. on video releases.
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Actually Bruji is working on that too -- they've started Doghouse, a user contributed data DVD/BD repository.
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Ah, so that's what Doghouse is. I thought it was some European DVD seller.
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Pocketpedia3 just came out, with intro pricing of $2.99 for universal app.

But to sync, I'd have to upgrade to DVDPedia 5.1, which is $19 in the Mac App Store.

Hmm, it's not that much money (compared to comparable software like Delicious Library) and I still plan to collect media but lets face it, optical media is becoming less relevant over time. The avid DVD collectors are now ripping them and putting them online.

More importantly, it may not be sustainable for them to add to Doghouse (assuming it's good data). If not enough people buy Bruji software, will they keep maintaining it? Too bad Amazon locked them out. Maybe they could have put a link in the data to do a one-click purchase from these apps.
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The new Pocketpedia is great -- it absolutely flies on the new iPad, and my Pedia listed media collection, including books and music, is ~9,000 covers.

I don't see Doghouse dying anytime soon -- so far as I can tell Bruji is more successful than ever. And remember they still have access to the IMBD as source data, which was always preferable to Amazon. The only problem is that the IMDB doesn't recognize bar codes, you have to enter the title. I think you can still use Amazon with DVDPedia if you really want to with your own affiliate key, if you have/get one.

As to why Amazon is so determined not to share their data with Delicious Monster and Bruji on iOS devices, I got nothin'. A deeply ingrained anti-competative instinct.
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Doesn't Amazon own IMDB? So Bruji isn't allowed to use IMDB either which is why they put together Doghouse?

If Apple ever lets Apple TV run apps, maybe they could work with someone like Plex and use Pedia as a front-end for running movies from your RAID. That is, some movies in your Pedia collection have a button saying "Play Now" if that movie is online.

Otherwise, as collecting physical media become antiquated over time, this media library app. doesn't offer much more than IMDB, just as a store of data about movies.

One thing they should do with Pocketpedia though is add barcode support through iOS devices.
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Amazon offers an API for their data and thus requires their direct permission, while the IMDB presumably gets scraped. I don't think they can do anything about it -- it contains factual data, which is not copyrightable.

DVDPedia, does play movies on your Mac right now -- you can link your VIDEO_TS or other media, and offers its own full screen interface, or it can be used via Front Row. I guess Plex and XBMC integration would be helpful as well.

They are working on barcode scanning for iOS.
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So PocketPedia barcode scanning is out, and it works fine -- will either search directly through Doghouse, or you can send the barcodes to DVDPedia, etc. for search.

Definitely the best current Mac/iOS media cataloging solution.
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Does that mean you could just use PocketPedia to scan in your media and don't need DVDPedia at all?

I've purchased Pocket but still haven't pulled the trigger for DVDPedia (well not the current version, anyways.).

I guess you have to pay so that they can maintain Doghouse -- which incidentally may be more useful if it could be used by things like XBMC or Plex for ripped media.
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Anyone try out the DVD Profiler iOS app. Which came out in January? Or is everyone digital or have media servers now?

It promises syncing between iOS devices by storing your library database on their servers. I did end up getting Pocketpedia3 which is good for what it is but can't sync between devices unless you also buy their $19 Mac app. So I made a bunch of entries on my iPad but to get it on my iPhone, I'd need to buy DVDPedia then sync from iPad to Mac, then Mac to iPhone. And repeat the process each time there are changes to sync.

The developer said they are looking at supporting things like iCloud and Dropbox. However, I think they need sales of all their apps to sustain Doghouse, which is their version of CDDB for video, since they can't scrape IMDB or Amazon any more.

However, as interest in packaged media declines every year, you have to wonder if they can continue to sell enough apps to continue development or at least support the software and keep the service going.

Same thing would have to be asked of DVD Profiler. It was very popular back in the day but will it even track media downloaded from iTunes, Amazon, and other popular digital stores? Of course Netflix and Hulu are also how a lot of people consume media and you don't need to catalog streamed movies.

But I might have to try it just so I can keep my devices sync'd. I almost rebought a movie today because I didn't have it on the Pocketpedia3 on my iPhone -- tho it doesn't help that I have a pile of discs I haven't even opened yet.
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DVDPedia can certainly catalog iTunes media -- you can import from EyeTV as well -- from the help file:
DVDPedia Importing help

Importing data from EyeTV
Drag the .eyetv file over the DVDpedia icon in your dock.

The import will happen automatically, including links to the recordings.

Importing movies from iTunes
Ctrl-click (right-click) the movie in iTunes.

Choose 'Show in Finder' from the contextual menu.

Drag the movie file from the Finder over the DVDpedia icon.
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