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Need advice on screens for 720p WXGA LED Projector

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I just ordered a Viewsonic PLED-W500 for $399. This is my first projector to try out, and I wanted to pair this up with a 77" or 82" diagonal screen.

I know pretty much nothing about Projector screens, material types, and gains... so was wondering if anyone has had first hand experience with using LED projectors and what works/doesn't work.

I skimmed Da-Lites material explanation page http://www.da-lite.com/products/sele...viewMode=front and based off the descriptions, it seems either the Cinema Vision or Silver Lite 2.5 materials are preferred for Low Output projectors. Thoughts?
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If you are going to table mount this projector and there is only 2 seats directly behind the projector I would suggest the Dalite HP 2.4 gain. This screen is a retroreflective screen (like a road sign) it returns the light from where it comes. So the projector must be close to your eye ball height when seated (6-20" closer it is the higher the gain). If you move off axis the gain drops to 1. This projector has about 1/2 the light output of a normal HT projector and you are wise to choose a small screen size. This projector has no lens shift so getting it at the proper height to be in the correct position for use with the HP may be more of a challenge. Call dalite and request a sample pack of their screen materials, then compare them with your projector in it's expected mounting/placement location. I know you will find the silver to be god awful..

I have the older discontinued HP 2.8 and table mount my projector. My projector is an older model with less output the some of then new ones. The image with the small high gain screen looks like an LCD panel.

And yes, I set it up and take it down every night.. 5 minutes and worth it.
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Thanks for the suggestions airscapes

Yes, I went with a smaller screen size because it is a 720p projector, low output when in Eco mode, and also the room I am placing it in is not gigantic. 72-77" will still be fairly huge.

I have two sofas... one with a direct viewing angle of where I want the screen, and one off to the side. I have a coffee table in front of the sofas that are arranged in a "L" configuration. Until I decide what I want to do, I guess I could try placing the projector on the coffee table and projecting towards the wall.

In the long run though I'd prefer to ceiling mount it, so the angle is going to be steeper than the eye-level setup you are suggesting. I'd like to go for a clean look if at all possible, with the future potential of swapping out the projector if i decide I like it and want to step up to a 1080p. I guess this kind of rules out the High Power screen.

Any thoughts on the Cinema Vision 1.5 gain that DaLite recommends for Low output projectors? Also, would a .9 or 1.0 gain look terrible with LEDs because they are dim to begin with?
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Order the samples, they are free, with 500 Lumen you want some gain if you can get it.
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