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My samsung pn64d8000 plasma tv is just a month old. It has one red dot that flashes on plasma screen and then it goes away. Then it comes right back. Its totatly random. When ever I do the self test picture the red dot does not exist. So i can rule out stuck pixel? From my understanding stuck pixel are constantly on or flashing. But in my case only sometimes. Also I have tried using different inputs and changed the hdmi cables and even tried playing clips from a usb. But the same problem. Is this a faulty logic board? or voltage issue? or bad plasma screen? I have tried samsung service people before and had terrible experience with the techs they have send before for my perivious plasma tv. They were like robots and do not really listen to you. I want to know if anybody in avs forum can help me before I setup a samsung service appointment. Thanks in advance for any advise.