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Where do i go to find....

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I have two LED displays i want to hang. one is in my living room with a/v receiver, xbox, cable box, towers, center speaker.

the second is my bedroom set with just a cable box and possibly Blue ray.

my question is i am looking for mount ideas, pictures etc. i am open to anything, mounted shelves, tv cabinet with tv above.

i just dont know where to look for pics/ideas, or even to where to go for the best selection of these things.

any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated!

thank you!
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monoprice.com has good wall mounts at great prices.
As far as stands and such, have you googled "TV mount" or "TV Stands" then click image link on the left hand side so google returns only images?
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oh yeah of course i have done all of that. i am looking for more ideas/sites because i havent seen anything i like yet.

i have seen pics of some really nice stuff in these forums ect but dont know what and where to get.

again i am looking for a resource for this. is there a thread here? all i see is the home theater threads. i looked through all of them that is why i started this one.
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http://www.racksandstands.com/ good place to start
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thank you i am looking there now.

any other suggestions welcomed
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