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Streaming Home Cable To iPad

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I have Verizon FIOS at home and have been considering a device for streaming the cable to my iPad when I travel. Two things come to mind Slingbox and EyeTV from ElGato.

The downside of EyeTV is it can only handle the ClearQAM channels from your cable box, everything else has to come from an off the air antenna. I am not sure if Slingbox has this same restriction. I would be interested in hearing from anybody that has been happy with the streaming device in sending your cable signal to a device like and iPad or smart phone when away from the house via internet or 3G.
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I got to assume you want to first record the programs in question because you are not sitting there waiting to catch it live.

U can record QAM all day long but cable encrypted programs can only be recorded in a DVR, files that you don't have direct access to.

So u got to rig up your own recorder and capture via component (because HDMI is DRM'ing you), then you can do to the recorded programs whatever/whenever you want.
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No I am not concern with any of the record aspects of it, only interested in the Live Streaming portion of these devices.
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Slingbox (HD) requires a component video connection from the cable box. That output is often disabled if you also have an HDMI connection to your TV.

So if your cable box has a component (RGB) output, a slingbox HD PRO is probably your simplest solution. However, it may have to be a dedicated cable box, or you would need to yank the HDMI cable when you plan on being away from home.
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