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BuiOk, here's the scoop;

I have a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 660 pro 80 ohm headphones.

I've had them for several years and use them nearly constantly.

The cable has failed, and I'm looking for a replacement.

A friend of mine is willing to fix them, but says the super-fine wires will be a pain to solder.

The wire is a single-sided coming out of the left ear.

Are there kits that will allow me to put a jack on the earcup, similar to the jack on my AKG K240 headphones, he says we can put an eighth inch jack in there, but the durability of that worries me a bit, (or do you think I'm being paranoid there?

Is there any way I could buy a pre-built cable that has an iPod control built in?

Also, any thoughts on how long a pair of headphone drivers will last? The headphones retailed for $150ish usd. Personally, I like them, and think if I can fix them up again for about $40 it would certainly be worth it.

Thanks for your help,

Tim D.