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On a pretty tight budget. I am wanting a nice SQ stereo setup in my office room for music from my PC. I just bought a Creative SB Titanium (only $35 shipped) that will be the source.

I have a couple car amps that are not being used, and havent been able to sell them for a decent price, so I am thinking of using one. Its a MB Quart ONX 4.80, and run two speakers off each front channle (mid and tweeter), and bridge the rears for the sub. To make it work, Ive gathered that I would just need a PC PSU with enough amperage on the 12v rail to handle it, correct? I would only need a PSU with 35amps or so (100x2 @ 2ohm, 200x1 @ 4ohm).

I have an RE SR 12 with a sealed box that should make for a fine sub for now. I am likely going to piece together my own speakers. Probably some Pro Audio mids and supertweeters, and make boxes for them. Going to try and find some that are 50-60w RMS and find some cheap x-overs. Then either try and find pre-built boxes or build my own.

If I did this, would I just get a 3.5mm-RCA adpater for the sound card to plug in to the amp?

Are there better afordable options then this? I have a Logitech 2.1 system now thats fine for computer speakers, but I want to move on to something a lot nicer. Plus it would give me a project to do

EDIT: Found this kit of mids/tweets/xovers, seems like an awsome deal for $95.