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Best YouTube 3D videos/Channels?

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What are the best YouTube 3D videos/Channels?

I search youtube for 3d and there is a lot of crap that comes up and so I was wondering if there are particular YouTube channels that have great content or great individual 3D videos.
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The best is MuchRockness!

<-- is MuchRockness

I mainly shoot car shows but occasionally do festivals, parades, nature, etc. I don't know much about cars but they are perfect for 3D

I just uploaded a video of Italian cars (modern and classic) and tomorrow will shoot a hot rod/classic show.
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Is a PC with an Nvidia card the only way to view Youtube 3d videos?
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No, I did it without use of a PC using my Oppo BDP-93 with YouTube app, just found a 3D video and played it, works fine but ofcourse is SideBySide 3D, I had to put my projector in SideBySide 3D mode (the 3D auto setting didn't work for this but does work for 3D Blurays)
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you can use a pc without an nvidia card too. 3dvision doesnt come into play at all when you enable 3d on youtube.
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I have the Sony Sony NSZ-GT1 Blu-Ray player with Google TV. Now that they have updated for 3D, I'll have to see if I can play these Youtube videos via the Chrome browser.
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Video: Good Guys Spring Nationals 2012

My channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/MuchRockness
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Try "Deus Ex Homine" - NVIDIA named it "Best 3D Video of 2011".
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I'm new to this, but there is some great 3D content on Youtube, and if you can watch youtube on your 3DTV it looks good.

Check out the 3D Hugo trailer:


2012 3D olympics trailer from Panasonic:


And this is a guy showing some extreme 'pop outs' just for fun:


pass on any others you may find.
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Try my channel on Youtube:
and my site:

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