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Upgrading Denon 2808

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Hello All

I have been thinking of selling and upgrading my Denon 2808CI, But to what.

I mainly watch movies and tv, little to no music.

My speakers are the Def Tech Pro Cinemas with the upgrade sub and center. I am thinking of upgrading my speakers, but not now, my house is to small for towers and a larger center (as i dont have room to shelf it).

Thoughts? Should i stick with Denon? I am leaning towards the 2312, no other reason than price is decent, better Audyssey and Volume control, and more inputs and outputs (in terms of hdmi)
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That looks like a solid unit. Several family members have the 2112 and all are happy with it and it would save you a few bucks. On the other hand, the 3312 has preouts and can be had for about $200 more if you think you might want to add external amplification. I'm sure any one of the three would get the job done for you, and all have Mult Eq Xt, which will Eq the sub.
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Originally Posted by amitabh9 View Post

Thoughts? Should i stick with Denon? I am leaning towards the 2312, no other reason than price is decent, better Audyssey and Volume control, and more inputs and outputs (in terms of hdmi)

Although the version of MultEQ XT in the 2312CI is the same as in the 2808CI, there would be an improvement in volume control due to the addition of Dyn EQ and Dyn Volume. As jj notes, unless there is a specific feature on the 2312CI you need, the 2112CI would serve you just as well. Although unless you plan on upgrading to a 3D TV in the near future, you may want to just stand pat, or at the very least wait a few months to see what the new XX13 models will be featuring.
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thanx for the opinions, so from 2112, 2312 and 3312 - i would be good to go

what are the key differences between the 2112 and 2312? Is $200 upgrade worth it? for the additional features and technology.

How about 2312 to 3312?

There is a tv in the future, and it may just be 3d, even though i don't watch 3d.

What is the expected release date for the XX13 models?
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i do like the hdmi in front.. could be useful for plugging in a random device

and the dynamic volume control, one of the main reasons of upgrading! the 2808 had way too many loud and quite moments.
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The first three posts in this thread are very helpful and explain the difference in the XX12 model line:

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thank you for the link
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So, really the 2112 is the best bet, unless the following is worth it? Does anyone have any experience or thought around this? Is it worth $200. If the 2312 upscales all to 1080p, what doesnt the 2112 upscale?

* Improved video section:
--- Advanced GUI (see screen shots in manual and on product pages at Denon website)
--- GUI and volume graphics can overlay on 3D video
--- Upscaling any signal up to 1080p
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The 2112CI and lower models don't have a video chip so do no upscaling at all ... rather your source or TV will do the upscaling. As to whether a feature is worth it, only you can decide.

Also the new XX13 models are due to be released in May/June.
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I like having features--even ones I don't use--just in case I might want to use them, so I might not be the best one to ask. FWIW, I have two family members with the 2112 who are very happy with it and don't seem to miss the upscaling or better GUI. Me, I went with a 4311 last year when I swapped out my 5800 because I could afford it and didn't want to wonder what I was missing out on, and I am very happy with my purchase as well.
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should i even consider other brands? in the same price. Onkyo, Pioneer, Yamaha?
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I am a Denon guy. I'm sure other brands offer comparable performance for the price with minor differences between the various models in each manufacturer's line. I just don't know what they are, maybe others will chime in. I would just make sure whatever you get will Eq a sub, unless you have another way to eq the sub, because I think this is important and can greatly impact sound quality.
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Cool. thanx

Any non Denon opinions? Pioneer Elite VS 52? Onkyo? Pioneer VSX line?
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Had the Denon 2808 and just replaced it with the Cambridge Audio 551R which is actually cheaper in Australia than the Denon 3312 the 'natural' 2808 replacement. This is my mini review posted elsewhere:

I had to replace my Denon 2808 and sweated profusely over the replacement as my budget is very tight, sub $1,500. Preference is for great audio and musicallity rather than the biggest boom for the buck.

My system comprises:
TV:Sharp Aquus 52"
DVD: Sony BDB S380 [a cheapie, but goodie]
Mains: Krix Neuphonics 1.1
Surround: Wharfdale Diamond 9 [relatively cheap, but OK]
Centre: Wharfdale 9 CM

When it came to considering replacement receiver I looked at in order of preference:

a. Emotiva UMC-1 + XPA-5
b. Arcam 360
c. Cambridge Audio 551R
d. Denon AVR 3212
e. Onkyo TX-NR1009

Now when it came to preferred system the Emotiva made my mind salivate, but it was just too expensive. The Denon 2808 just didn't do justice to the system when I replaced KEF Codas with the Wharfdales, it sounded flat, like it just didn't have enough grunt, and when I had it benched recently the LS said it only put out 40w per channel all channels driven, which he said was typical of most Japanese spec Amps and receivers. So I scratched the Denon 3312 off the list.

But onto the replacement, I was very keen too on the Arcam but cash would not go that far. Auditioned the Cambridge hooked to the Neuphonix at a LS and was reasonably impressed with its ability to sort bass; mid range and high range in battle scenes and its musicality when played with music CD. Went to audition the Onkyo vs Cambridge but the LS couldn't demo, so I had to listen discreetly with each hooked up to Paradigm monitors plus a variety of Yamaha receivers, A2010 and some separates.

Reviews played a part with much being written about the Denon which were predictable for guys who evaluate AV on bells and whistles, Onkyo fairly similar but underwhelming, and Arcam which received rave reviews, but I could not find anything on the Cambridge Audio 551's, except one Chinese magazine where it was a recommended buy, and I don't read Chinese. The Cambridge is rated [conservatively] at 60w per channel all channels driven into 8 ohms.

Finally, budget ruled and I chose the Cambridge Audio. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to set up compared to the Denon 2808. The written manual is not as good as it should be, but with a little bit of guessing, all was well. The On Screen Menu was easy, the best I have seen. Simple & Billiant. The automatic setup was easy; though be prepared to be blown out of the room by the loudest white noise test you will ever hear. Speaker phase is checked also and after reversing the polarity on the centres it was off to listening and viewing.

Wow! I put in Master and Commander and the first battle scene was just a revelation. The power of the whole scene was amazing, the Wharfdales have sufficient grunt to vibrate our listening sofa, and yet the bass was extremely clean in comparison to the Denon 2808, yet that was not the best, it was the mid/high where the splintering wood could be heard raining down on the deck in absolute detail. I just sat amazed through the whole film with a revelation of the video clarity, the detail was superb, but it was the sound, the sound: Musical! The Cambridge Audio does everything musically!

These are only first impressions, but so far I have no regrets of a listening audition vs reviews, the Cambridge Audio 551R is a superb AV receiver especially at the price. I know it is subjective, but the Krix/Cambridge vs Paradigm/Yamaha is no contest, the Krix/Cambridge wins hands down and much cheaper. There is also the future prospect of bi-amping the Krix as I am only running 5.1. and that alternative is just a button on the menu plus cables, and its functional....can't wait.

Hope this ok for a first review, as you can see I am impressed.

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