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Headphones Help (Bass)

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Update: I took the plunge on V-MODA Crossfade LPs. The chrome ones look really stylish and the reviews seem very positive. Also, at ~$105 on Amazon currently, the price seems really good for the quality. For now I am going to hope my X-Fi Xtremegamer sound card is strong enough to drive these, because I did not purchase an amplifier.

First let me say that I am not an audiophile. I have owned the Sennheiser HD 202s (the cheap $25 headphones) for years and really loved them for the price I paid.

With the impressive sound quality for the price I became brand loyal, in a way, to Sennheiser. I next purchased standard RF wireless headphones (I have tried to remove all cords from my life). The hiss was unbearable for me. I attributed this problem not to Sennheiser, but to limitations in the technology.

This week I purchased Sennheiser RS 160 wireless headphones with Kleer for bitstream data transfer with no hiss. The mids and highs are beautiful to me, they are immensely comfortable, BUT they have terrible bass. I already had trouble justifying $200 for headphones, and with this bass quality, I have initiated a return to Amazon.

What I want to find is a pair of headphones with great bass, but does not sacrifice too much in other areas. I would prefer wireless, but I understand, a cord may be necessary for this dilemma. I also understand I may need to venture away from Sennheiser.
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This is probably not of much help, but I just mention my post here to prove there are wireless headphones with great bass and perfect digital transmission. They're expensive and only sold in Japan.

For wired headphones, the Beyer Dynamic DT880s are very good.
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The problem I have found with headphones under $100 is you almost always sacrifice something. I have a pair of koss ur-55 that I love but they are lacking in the bass. An all around affordable but very popular set of headphones are the koss porta pros. The lower end grados are very nice also, but once again, lacking in the bass. I have also owned the hd-202's and they were pretty nice. Little low in the sensitivity region, but still sounded pretty nice.

A bad thing about headphones is that most of the time you can't just go and listen to them like you can speakers. You have to buy them and then here how terrible or good they may sound. If you have an actual hifi store close to you a lot of them carry headphones. That's where I have heard some grados and some others that didn't sound quite as good. Are you wanting to spend more money?

You should post over at head-fi.org also.
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Thanks for the replies guys. I really want to keep my total investment under $200.

One other thing, I currently have an X-Fi Xtremegamer. I am really happy with the sound quality, but I am wondering if I should purchase a headphone amplifier.
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Grado MS1's: Rock/Mid-bass punch

AD700's: Huge soundstage, classical

Ultrasone Pro 750: Nice headphone, great bass response.
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I have to go with Grado my self and say the SR225i, I own a pair of GR8's and they sound great to me but they go upwards of 300.00 dollars for a pair, I did how ever listen to the SR225i and thought they where good headphones.
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Originally Posted by Tsyras View Post

Thanks for the replies guys. I really want to keep my total investment under $200.

One other thing, I currently have an X-Fi Xtremegamer. I am really happy with the sound quality, but I am wondering if I should purchase a headphone amplifier.

It all depends on how loud you want your heaphones. Most headphone snobs really push amps, and there could be some merit to the statements, but not at the high cost most amps are. You could look at cheaper amp alternatives to the $300-500 or more price most have. You can check some clever cmoy altoid tin amps. They can be had built for ~$50 and you can build your own cheaper.

Also look into fiio amps. They're very small, portable, and decently powerful too. Very cheap also. Their e5 model is usually $20 or less.
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Thanks for all the replies guys. I have moved away from looking at wireless headphones and have decided on wired headphones with a detachable cable (my wireless headphones are displayed on a special rack on a shelf in my office and I do not want a cable hanging off).

I am strongly leaning towards the V-MODA Crossfade LPs. The reviews seem to mention a very strong bass response without overpowering the other ranges. Even the highest rated negative review was a design flaw that was fixed over two years by exchanging the plastic piece with metal.

Does anyone else have experience with these?


I am still not sure what I want to do with the amplifier situation. These will always be connected to my Xtremegamer sound card, and not to a phone/mp3 player.
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I got my brother some Audio Technica ATH-M50s a little while back. I didn't get to listen to them much, but these are highly rated headphones worth a look at. They come with either straight or coiled cord.
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Thanks for all the help guys.
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