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Sonic Match

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Hi Guys

This is my first post, I love reading your post and learning all about audiophile-ness.

Just got a paid of B&W 805 Diamonds and am looking at upgrading my amp next. I have listened to the Macintosh MC6600 and was pretty amazed with that.

Are there other models or brands that I should also be looking at? Currently I am running the NAD 375. Not bad but way out the league of the MC6600.


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Where to begin...

Well, let's just get it out of the way: there's not going to be an appreciable, audible difference between any two amplifiers operating within spec. So get whatever has a reasonable amount of output power and suits your budget; ideally the less you spend the better. No point in spending a fortune on something incredibly expensive.

So basically, if your current amplifier has enough power, and can handle these speakers as a load, leave well enough alone - you won't gain anything but a larger credit statement at the end of the month.
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