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Time for upgrade to 3D/SSD

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My HTPC has been solid as a rock, but I have the urge to upgrade/tinker and add 3D and "fine tuning" capability but want to keep cost minimal. Also considering swapping the OS to SSD; I think I know my path forward, but it never seems to hurt to get feedback first.

Existing System:
Win 7 64/XBMC
Biostar 880G+
on board Radeon HD4250
Athlon II X2 245
Will be adding Bluray drive.
TV= Sony 55HX820

2 basic questions for those w/experience:

1) I am looking at the GT430 for about $65 as the "best value" video card for upgrade. Is there a cheaper or better value option I should/could consider?

2) My hard drive has the OS on a 48G logical partition. Any advice on transferring it to an SSD, or is a complete re-install the better approach?
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Regarding the ssd, you can copy the image from the old drive to the ssd as long as you make sure that the partitioned is aligned. This article explains how to check if it is aligned & how to align it if necessary.


The Crucial M4 64gb gets eggcellent reviews & is on sale for $80-$90 at various online retailers. I have one in three different builds & I've been very happy with them.
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Thanks, I was avoiding the upgrade thinking for some reason that migration to SSD would be a problem.
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I prefer a new install.

IMO the only way to be 100% sure that the transfer is perfect. And if I run into problems down the road I don't want to spend time troubleshooting my SSD transfer. Its nice to remove that variable from the equation when troubleshooting.
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