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What was your first ever 3D movie you saw?

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In the theatre, at home or any place else what was your first 3D movie you saw and what did you think about the 3D? Mine was back in 1983 when i first went to see Jaws 3 in 3D with the red and blue glasses. I remember being so fascinated with the 3D that i watched it twice and i kept the glasses. Sadly i lost them but it was a awesome as a kid to walk in and see JAWS busting through the glass of the underground command center and then watching him blow up in 3D.
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Charge at Feather River, early 50s.
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My memory can't recall which was the first but I saw a bunch of them in the 1950's. Ever since I have been a 3D addict.
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Does seeing T2 3D Battle Across Time at Universal Orlando back in March of '03 count? Otherwise, Up was my first 3D moviegoing experience in June of '09.
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Originally Posted by Fang Zei View Post

Does seeing T2 3D Battle Across Time at Universal Orlando back in March of '03 count? Otherwise, Up was my first 3D moviegoing experience in June of '09.

I saw it in 99 at Orlando to. It was awesome.
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Jaws 3, when I went though, it was polarised 3d but still with cardboard glasses.
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A bunch of 'em in the 50's. Mighta been House of Wax.

Glad I ain't the only old fart on here......LOL

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House of Wax in the 50s Been addicted ever since.
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Captain Eo as a kid, totally blown away (up to the dancing bit...).
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As a kid, I saw the first of the dual-projector 3D films of the 50's, "Bwana Devil". Not much of a plot, but I have be into 3D ever since! We wore horizontal/vertical polarized glasses with cardboard frames. My dad drove our whole family 50 miles to Milwaukee to see it.
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I saw that Michael Jackson thing at Disney world around 1990. Thought it was awesome.
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I saw a 3d movie in the late 70s when I was a kid. It was 1953's House of Wax. The only thing I really remember from that movie was the paddle ball scene.

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SpaceHunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone -- in Polarized 3-D.

I saw it about 10 times - 3 times a day every Sat and Sunday for 3 weeks, and I made my mom take me to see it at the Drive In (where i was extremly disappointed to find it was NOT in 3-D)

I would LOVE to get this on 3-D blue ray ---
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Originally Posted by Steve1939 View Post

House of Wax in the 50s Been addicted ever since.

Saw that one also. I remember being very frightened.
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The first 3D films I saw were Comin at Ya! and Treasure of the Four Crowns at a movie theater in Rock Hill South Carolina back in the 1980s.
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my first one was treasure of the four crowns, i dont remember much of the movie, but i remember the 3D being really well done
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Dont know which one I saw first, but they were all around the same general time and I do believe it was Jaws 3d. I then saw Spacehunter and Metal Storm the Destruction of Jared Syn. Then nothing for many years before seeing modern 3d with Chicken Little. Tomorrow a new era of my 3d life starts with Vizio FPR Theatte 3D 47' tv arrives. I cannot sleep tonight thinking of playing Halo in 3d or shooting some hoops in the NBA 2k series. I can't wait to watch 3d at home and many of the films I wish I had seen in 3d like Thor and Captain America. As well as purchase Nightmare Before Christmas on yet one more format. I hope 3d is here to stay, but if not I am going to enjoy the ride for as long as it does last.

Posted from my HTC EVO 3D
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Here is a good list of 3D movies that have been released. Some of them go all the way back to the 20s!

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Believe it or not, it was Avatar.
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Originally Posted by ambesolman View Post

I saw that Michael Jackson thing at Disney world around 1990. Thought it was awesome.

Ditto for me as well, I was ten years old and it freaked me out something fierce.
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First 3D movie I ever saw was some anaglyph thing I don't even recall. It gave me a headache though. Then I saw Jaws 3-D, and thought it was lame. The 3D effect was 'kind of' cool but still not too impressive.

First motion picture 3D I ever saw that impressed me was some animated thing at Universal Studios back in '94. I saw 'Captain Eo' first at Disney World on the same trip. I wasn't impressed by it at all. The crosstalk was horrendous when I saw it and it gave me a headache too. The next day, we went to Universal Studios and while we were there, we went to this animated 3D featurette and I was blown away.

I really don't recall too much of it except for one specific part of it. There was this animated cartoon character that kept flying around and it appeared to fly around the room, then it comes to a stop in front of you appearing to be just about arms length away, and says, "Everyone else thinks I'm talking to them but I'm really talking to YOU", and when it says "YOU", it's nose elongates (like Pinocchio) and pokes right at you appearing to come within inches of your face.

The image looked so real, it appeared to actually be a solid 3-dimensional object in front of me, and even though I knew it was an illusion and it was obviously a computer animated cartoon character, I couldn't help but reach out to try to touch it, which was when I noticed that EVERYONE in the theater was doing that exact same thing, reaching out and grasping at the air! LOL! I went back and got in line and watched it again.

That was the first time I'd seen how realistic 3D could be and ever since then, I've been waiting for realistic 3D to finally be available for in-home viewing.


P.s. It appears my memory is foggy. After googling it, it appears the show I was talking about was at Disney World and is called 'Muppet Vision 3D'. Found an online review that also specifically noted the "I'm really talking to just YOU" scene.
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It was many many years ago when they showed a really old movie on TV and the Glasses were distributed in newspapers.
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Some time in the 80's a local TV station went a few weeks featuring a weekly movie in analglyph 3D. They were mostly 50's black and white sci-fi movies. A local convenience store (MAC'S Milk) sold cardboard glasses for a quarter. I don't remember any titles and the experience was largely disappointing for me but I distinctly remember a scene where someone was casually holding a pool cue THAT WAS COMING OUT OF THE SCREEN!!!! OMG, I still remember that thrill!
It wasn't until years later that a visit to Universal Studios showed me the true potential of 3D. It was a Hitchcock retrospective that employed polarized glasses. There was a scene from THE BIRDS that really knocked my socks off.
If you had told me just a few months ago that I would be sporting a 3D theater of my own, I would have told you that I would never spend the kind of money required to do it right.
Thank you Optoma (HD66) Monoprice (3D creator) and VIP (DLP Link glasses) for making this dream so affordable!
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Parasite 1982

I remember a frisbee scene where the frisbee was tossed towards the audience. A sea of hands went up to catch it, including my own.
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Mine was "HOUSE of WAX" 1953....And very, very few have ever measured up to the Excellent Stereo photography of that one.
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Creature from the Black lagoon broadcast on channel 50 Detroit with 3D glasses from Wendy's in the early 80's.
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Last time i watch a 3d movie which was saw. It was a horror movie and it was amazing story with special effects.
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Back in the late 1970s (even before cable TV was available in my area) a local UHF TV channel showed Gorilla at Large in red/blue anaglyph. The movie was preceeded by a little skit with Harry Anderson (of Night Court fame) explaining how 3D worked and how you needed to wear the glasses. The skit was also in anaglyph 3D and actually had some nifty pop-out effects. The film itself had decent depth but also a lot of blurring and double images as it was nearly impossible to get the color and tint just right for the glasses

My first cinematic experience with 3D was Metalstorm back in the mid-80s. It was your typical Road Warrior knock-off with some pretty good 3D effects. If they ever were to release it on 3D BluRay I'd probably buy it if only for nostalgia's sake.

My best 3D experience to this day is seeing We Are Born of Stars in the Imax Dome at the Boston Museum of Science. Even though it was red/blue anaglyph the presentation was absolutely amazing with no ghosting, remarkable depth and imagery that seemed to dance mere inches away from my eyes. There were scenes of DNA strands floating all around me and even an awe-inspiring shot of Saturn slowly growing from a pinpoint of light until it was a gigantic world seemingly hanging over my head. More than any other film, that sold me on 3D.
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